Where do Streamlabs recordings save

Streamlabs, along with OBS are the go-to broadcasting software for those wanting to get their content on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer or anywhere else. They’re free, open source and easy to use once you get the hang of it.

When you’ve finished your recording you’ll be wondering where does the saved file go to by default and how you can change it, here’s the guide for that and more.

Where is the default save path for Streamlabs recordings

The default path for where Streamlabs recordings save to on Windows is C:\Users\YourUsername\Videos and for macOS it is /Users/YourUsername/Movies. As long as this destination exists and no one has change it this is where they will go. This area is called recording path on SLOBS.

Where to find and change Streamlabs recording path

To find this information and change it if you need to, follow this guide:

Open up Streamlabs OBS and click on the settings cog in the bottom right:

streamlabs settings location

Then, navigate to ‘Output’

streamlabs output settings

Inside this menu you’ll find ‘Recording’ and then Recording Path

streamlabs recording path

In the recording path field you can manually type it in, or you can click browse and navigate to the new folder or section you need.

That’t it! It’s as simple as that.

I can’t find Streamlabs recordings

If you can’t find your Streamlabs recordings then follow the guide on how to find it and visit that folder. You can copy and paste the file path and paste it into Explorer (Windows) and Finder > Go (macOS). There is no “Save as” option in SLOBS so it will be there.

Will Streamlabs save a recording of a stream?

Yes, as long as you’ve pressed the record button.

Will Streamlabs save if there’s no hard drive space?

No. Streamlabs will give you an error 28 ‘no space left on drive’ and you will need to find another location or make some room for it.

streamlabs no space on drive

Can you make the Streamlabs file recording save to the cloud?

Yes, you can! In more ways than one. When setting the path of where Streamlabs recordings go you can put your cloud based drive in there such as Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive or iCloud. Always run a test on a dummy video before actually going live!

In case there’s confusion, Streamlabs True Cloud back upOpens in a new tab. does NOT offer this service. True Cloud is just a back-up of your settings and does not automatically save recordings to their cloud!

Can you make the Streamlabs file recording save to an external hard drive?

Yes, you can. To save your recordings to an external hard drive just follow the above steps and change the recording path to the location of your external hard drive. The hard drive must be formatted using NTFS for Windows and FAT32 for macOS.

Just be sure to make sure it is plugged in, powered on and has enough space.

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