What does TTours mean on Twitch

Ttours or TTours is short for twitch tours and has a purple camera as the emote. Its origin is pretty obscure but the way it is used now is a little easier to understand.

I look everywhere for as much concrete info as I could on this emote and I believe the below is the best explanation.

Although the emote is “TTours” only the word Tours appears, which assumes the first T is for Twitch.

Ttours icon

What is the origin of the TTours emote?

TTours and its origin is mysterious and very hard to find online, but we did some digging and can confirm that its intended use was never fully realised and never finished, but the emote which was created was never removed and has now taken a life of its own.

Its easy to speculate what the project was meant to be – the camera icon suggests screenshots, pictures or even video recordings and the “Tours” part suggests taking a tour of other people’s stream or even a real life tour related to a streamer or a group of streamers.

That said, the emote stuck around and now it is used in a totally different way.

TTours modern meaning and use

Despite its intended origin, the way that TTours is used varies but there is always something in common – the camera.

Bad camerawork

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The first and most common use is when there’s bad camerawork involved, such as an eSports kill camera that completely misses the moment. Examples games which can suffer with TTours is Global Offensive, Dota2, Counter Strike and Fortnite.

TTours can also be used outside of Twitch to signify the poor camera work, as is the case with many Twitch emotes.

Here’s an example of a Global Offensive match where the replay camera completely misses the important moments.

To draw attention to the camera work

The TTours emote is often used to draw attention to the camera, whether its ‘bad’ or not. Often used when there’s a glitch in the background or in live events the fact that the camera man is focusing on something he shouldn’t, such as the crowd.

Screenshot moment

Members of Twitch chat use TTours at the moment where something is screenshot worthy, such as a final kill, a particularly funny glitch or perhaps even a moment of extreme luck during a speed run. You’ll often see TTours being used during a speed run world record stream.

Does this properly answer the TTours meaning question

I’ve tried my best explaining the meaning behind TTours and I believe I have, with examples. If this is not the case and the article should be corrected/improved please let me know in the comments.

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