Unmodding Yourself on Twitch

To some, becoming a moderator is just as good if not better than becoming a VIP. But, it can be hard work and you’ll need to be almost as active as the streamer themselves to keep their chat clean and the focus on the gameplay.

But, life moves fast and being a moderator can be a burden that you just don’t want anymore and you may want to give up the mod title and just become a viewer.

You may not want to ask to be unmodded and may just prefer to quit on your own terms. Can you unmod yourself? And how?

How To Unmod Yourself on Twitch

Yes, you can unmod yourself quickly and easily by typing in the command /unmod username. Replace username with your own username and its done in an instant. You do not need permission or privileges to perform this action.

Before you do it, we recommend doing some other stuff.

What to do before unmodding yourself

Before you hit enter on that /unmod command, ask yourself why you’re doing it.

If you’re struggling for time, perhaps message the streamer and the other mods about this. If you love modding but don’t have as much time perhaps you could stay on and moderate a little less. If you’re a valued mod this might be best for you and the streamer.

If you simply can’t moderate anymore but still on good terms we would still recommend speaking to the streamer and mod team before doing it, as to not burn any bridges. If they know in advance they can arrange some cover before you do so just in case the channel is left without any mods!

If you are absolutely fed up of the channel and do not want to moderate for that streamer, we don’t see anything really wrong with unmodding yourself out of the blue. But, have you already tried your best to address these issues? Might be worth it. But, it’s always worth remember that whatever the streamer says, goes, so it’s not really your place to try and change things.

If you unmod yourself can you get it back?

Yes, of course. If you are no longer a mod after unmodding yourself you can get it back the same way you got it in the first place.

Will you lose VIP if you unmod yourself?

No. VIP status is separate to being a moderator and you don’t need to be one to become the other.

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