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When you’re just setting out or even in growth mode on Twitch, the number of followers you have is something you may really focus on, maybe even obsess with.

You’ve worked hard to build them up and to see them go can feel like an insult, you’ll be wondering what is it about the content that put them off – after all they did follow you in the first place so what changed.

A twitch unfollow list is possible but it can open a can of worms – once you know someone has unfollowed what can you do with that information.

Here in this Twitch unfollow list guide we can help you get this information and then help you make positive changes based on the feedback. Let’s go!

How to check who unfollowed you on Twitch

There’s no native unfollow tracker on Twitch and one of the more popular choice, Stream Elixer is now defunct. What’s left is just and Wizebot, which is an app that tracks your followers on Twitch and Twitter and a bot that has other main featured but an unfollow list on top.

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It is a paid service, 9 Euro a month or 9.13 USD. For those who really want to improve and use as much data as possible this could be a small price to pay.

UnfollowOpens in a new tab. has a simple interface as this is all it does. Once logged in, head over to your analytics dashboard and use the date filters to find who unfollowed you, it will also show you who YOU follow that isn’t following you back – handy if you take part in follow-for-follow schemes which are popular for new streamers.

twitch unfollow list

Another handy feature is a list of those who unfollowed and then refollowed.

Considering how little options are out there for Twitch unfollow lists it seems harsh to criticize but we wished the unfollow list could have date timestamps for you to pinpoint the exact moment they did it.

You can get real-time notifications of when someone unfollows which some may find useful and others intrusive. Not ideal for streamers with a large following where regular unfollows are common.


Wize bot

WizeBotOpens in a new tab. consists of a bot that analyzes your chat, displays notifications as well as a set of backend systems that are there to manage your followers, subscribers, viewers, chat and more.

But it also a tool that gives you a list of people who no longer follows your channel.

It’s a little hardcore as it may have a lot of features you might get from the other bots you have installed such as banned words list, but it is a free solution which doesn’t so attractive to new streamers.

As of 2022, these are your choices. Let us know which you chose and how you got on in the comments.

What to do with your unfollow Twitch list?

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So, you’ve now got your list of users that unfollowed you. What do you do with it?

Do not engage with them

Whatever you do, don’t engage the unfollowed user in any way – not even to ask them for their reasons with good intentions. Users are free to do follow and unfollow whoever they want and it is not your right to question that.

It could be a slippery slope and result in yourself being seen as a little toxic.

Analyse the stream their unfollowed on and learn

If you’ve got your list from or Wizebot then you can do two things if you really want to know if there was a reason you could improve upon. This is most useful on days where there might have been higher than usual unfollows (users will unfollow, it’s natural).

Find the date and time if possible and then review the VOD and the chat logs. Was it a below average stream? Did you engage well with the viewers that day? Was there anything unfriendly going on with the chat?

Viewers can un follow you for a variety of reasons and for no reasons at all but perhaps you can find something by looking backwards that may have put some people off and then adapt to it.

Do nothing

This is our recommendation. Don’t do anything with your unfollow list, in fact we don’t recommend even getting a list in the first place because it can take your focus away from what’s important – creating content the way you want to do it.

If you’ve amassed a large following and they seem to be dropping off at an alarming rate, then sure go and get the app or the extensions but otherwise just create good content and you’ll be fine.

What are the main causes of unfollows?

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If you’re on this article in the first place it’s because you have encountered some unfollows and you’re worried. Here are the most common reasons for unfollows – you’ll find most of them are unavoidable and nothing to do with your stream.


There’s only a certain amount of real estate on a user’s Twitch homepage. It can’t show all of the people they follow and they may feel they could be missing out if they have too many. Users often declutter their followers to leave enough for their favourites.

Don’t take it to heart, sometimes you might be the one to go and other times you might have been the one they keep and you’d never know.

Not to their taste

Following someone is free, unlike subscriptions. So, it’s easy for users to follow someone to give them a try and unfollow them if they figure out that the content isn’t for them. It doesn’t mean it’s poor quality.

As an example, a user has seen you stream Resident Evil of which they are a fan of, they then realise you streamed it as a one off and your regular content is actually Apex Legends – they then unfollow.

Another thing that could not to be their taste is during discussions about polarising subjects such as politics and religion. You are free to discuss whatever you want (within reason) on your Twitch stream but if you share your opinion and someone may not agree then they may unfollow.


Toxic discussions, behaviour and chat is a sure fire way to lose followers fast. You should always focus on being entertaining and engaging in a welcoming and friendly manner during your stream.

User was banned or deleted

Users who have been banned by Twitch HQ will go down in your unfollow list as will users who have decided they have had enough and deleted their accounts.

Follow for follow schemes

If you’ve engaged in follow for follow (F4F) schemes such as what happens on Instagram or Twitter then you’re going to be disappointed because it rarely works in everyone’s favour. People will initially do it for the follows and then slowly start to unfollow hoping it won’t go noticed.

For streamers who don’t have unfollow lists then they may well go unnoticed.

Why somone dissapears off my twitch follow list and i didn’t unfollow them

A common question with a common answer.

  • You simply forgot
  • When users block you and then unblock you
  • You didn’t follow them in the first place – miss click, internet problems at the time of following
  • They were suspended and then reinstated

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  1. Great post! I, too, am a Twitch streamer and I find your insights about follower management very relatable. It’s definitely a divisive topic, but like you, I see it as a valuable source of feedback to improve my streams. I’ve tried tools like and Wizebot, and while they’re excellent, the subscription fees can indeed add up. Therefore, I appreciate your recommendation of twitch-follower-checker. It’s always great to find free alternatives. I’ll definitely give it a shot! Thanks for sharing this with us. Keep up the good work on your blog!

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