Twitch Positivity Bot

The Twitch Positivity bot is not a traditional bot like Moobot, or Nightbot where you download and install it on your own, it is instead a invite only “bot” that you request and then the developers (Roaring Iron) will get back to you on how to get it on your streams.

But, what exactly is the Twitch positivity bot and what does it do?

What is the Twitch Positivity Bot?

The Twitch Positivity Bot is actually an user/viewerOpens in a new tab. that watches your streams and chats like a user, essentially a chatbot rather than a bot but it reacts to commands, like a bot. It is written using PythonOpens in a new tab. and uses a form of AI to reply with some fairly original responses, much more unique than normal Twitch chat bots.

However, it can only be used when your channel is offline.

However, the name positivity bot is very misleading as most of the commands are there for entertainment and fun rather than inspirational quotes or reminders in chat for people who may feel depressed that it’s ok.

So, that’s what the positivity Twitch bot in a nutshell, a Python AI which can respond with information from the web – some aspects are positive but most are entertainment with the rest tied to leaderboards.

There are a lot of commands with this, the full list is down below, but let’s start with the positive aspects of the Positivity bot.

How does the Positivity Bot make a Twitch stream positive

You would think with a name like the Positivity Bot that it would to provide reminders to people about checking up on friends with mental health issues or perhaps random positive quotes periodically but the case is anything but. Here are the commands we’ve found that are specific about encouraging a positive atmosphere. Note: These commands need to be entered, if no one enters them they won’t be used.

!positive – Returns a famous quote which promotes positivity

And that’s it.

Is the Twitch Positivity Bot good?

If you came looking for the TPB because of the word ‘positivity’ and hoping for a way to make your channel less toxic and more happy then no – first, only one command is remotely relevant and two the bot can only be used offline – it won’t impact your live stream in any way.

How can I get the positivity bot?

To get it on your channel just head on over to Roaring Iron’s Positivity bot page here Opens in a new tab.and follow the instructions.

Are there alternatives?

We could not find a single alternative chat bot on Twitch which provides any form of positivity into the chat. Perhaps a big gap in the market for developers out there?

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