Twitch Name Generators

Ready to sign up to Twitch as a content creator or a viewer and not sure art to call yourself? Want to find some ideas to brainstorm with before settling on a final choice? You might need the services of a twitch name generator.

Your Twitch name may not seem important but it will be the name people will find you with and remember when you communicate with people in chat so make sure to give it a long think.

Thankfully, many of the name generators out there can come up with some ideas based on your inputs so that they are relevant to you, and of course memorable. Here’s a round up of some of the best free generators out there you can use.


SpinXO is not designed specifically for Twitch but it works just as well. You get six fields to work with (you don’t have to fill in all 6), which will then merge them and mix them to come up with 30 suggestions, the fields are:

  • Name or Nickname
  • What are you like?
  • Hobbies?
  • Things you like?
  • Important Words
  • Numbers or letters

You don’t have to answer any of those questions literally, it will still give you a randomised answer. It not AI powered or even as a theme, it just uses a simple formula based on inputs with answers.

Welder AI Powered Twitch Name Generator

This is one of the few name creators which use artificial intelligence to come up with the answers. Rather than boxes of random words, this tool asks you to enter a sentence.

ai twitch name generator

Artificial intelligence on the web is sketchy at best, with results which are hit and miss. Just like AI powered article writers and so on. However, what we would say about Welder is that when they get it right it is far better than the database driven tools.

When we tried “It’s a Resident Evil stream with some speedrunning and commentary on the series lore” we got

welder results

Cool Generator

This tool is amongst the worst, where it just asks for one input and then attaches that word with another completely random word from a dictionary. This is the true definition of a random Twitch name generator. You just don’t know what complete rubbish you’re going to get as you can see above when we put in “flagman” as a seed word.

But, you know what? Sometimes these pathetic tools are the ones that get it right on the money due to other tools just trying to hard.

cool generator results

You’ve just got to have patience, refine the inputs and keep trying until you’re happy.

Have a play around with it and see what results you get!

Generator Mix’s Twitch Name Generator

generator mix

Now this one is one of the better options out there despite its basic appearance. This channel name generator will usually put an adjective (describing word) at the start or at the end which creates an unique user name that can become quite humorous and interesting.

With this tool you do get some input fields but it will create without any input at all. We found a lot of adjectives which we could then take away and brainstorm with. Here’s a random set using no inputs at all that we got.

random set of results from a name generator

We were impressed with this one, got to say.

name generator org

There’s a little bit of irony from these tools where they want to help you get a random name but they’ve named themselves exactly what they are. I suppose they all do it because they want to appear higher on search engines.

Anyway, specialise in names and they have a user name “quiz” which can help you when creating your Twitch channel. The results are varied but you do get a lot of them and almost all of them are actually functional and usable.

The strength of this Twitch name generator quiz is that the results are pretty safe and tame if you just want something simple to create an account to lurk with and no intention to become a streamer.

The way they design their results does leave a lot to be desired.


Psycat Games

psych games twitch name generator

This is a really fun Twitch name helper because the answer seems to be predetermined, no matter how many times we tried with Tommy, the result was always OmenWhiffs. As far as getting a good Twitch name is its about as good as any other random twitch name generator out there.

The website is nicely presented and Psy CatOpens in a new tab. do have other quizzes and the like.

What makes it fun is finding out what predetermined answer you’ll get for your name! Try it!


For those looking to get a good and cool Twitch name for their channel then why not think outside the box and find a business name instead. At the end of the day, a streamer’s identity is his or her business and really important when you grow your channel. We found a tool called Namelix which uses AI to come up a business name and even some funky logo ideas on top as well.

It’s not perfect and many of the results are one wonders which may or may not be taken already on Twitch but it is well worth checking out and using over and over again to get better and better ideas.

This business name generator does have some mini questions – it will ask you to put in some keywords, then ask how random you want it and then some styles for the names. Here’s the results we got when we put in Warzone, football and pizza.


With this tool you may well end up not just getting a Twitch username but a brandable channel name, too!

Which is the Best Random Twitch Name Generator?

We found that the best random Twitch name generator which did not use AI is Generator Mix. The implementation of ensuring an adjective made the results varied but also useful where some others were so random that they were unusable.

Which is the best Twitch Name Generator Quiz? has the widest variety of questions and the highest number of results. None of the quiz style generators were as good as the random/AI ones we’d like to point out.

AI Powered Twitch Name Generator

There are two top choices for AI name generators – Welder and Namelix. Welder if you just want to create an account to lurk and watch and Namelix if you want to create a brandable channel name.

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