Twitch Error Updating Broadcast

When a platform gets as big and complex as Twitch, it is bound to get some errors from time to time which affects both content creators and users alike.

A frustrating error which seems too basic to even be one is when someone tries to update the title of the stream resulting in a “Error updating broadcast” notification with no more supplementary information.

There are a few things which can cause this which you can go through one by one with the explanation of how to fix along with it, we’ll start with the most common to save you from having to read the whole guide!

6 causes for the Twitch Updating Broadcast Error and how to fix them

  • Out of date cache which needs to be cleared
  • Stream data not complete, enter all details
  • Session timed out, log back in
  • Inappropriate information in the stream title
  • You are streaming through a console, update on browser
  • The problem is with Twitch HQ

1. Out of date cache

Browsers hold a lot of website data in their cache to speed things up and remember a lot of settings. Sometimes, the cache can become out of date or out of sync with Twitch themselves.

When this happens, it can cause a conflict as Twitch can’t confirm your credentials. To fix this issue, you just need to clear your browser’s cache or log out and log back in again (forcing your browser to get new data).

2. Session timed out

In rare occasions, cookies may expire mid stream – the result of this is your live stream continues (as the connection started when cookies were in date) but as you try and communicate again with Twitch you are unable to. This is because you have technically been signed out but the existing live connection misleads you.

This is a simple fix – simply refresh the page and log back in.

3. Missing information

The common cause of this error is missing information from the stream details. The stream needs the title, game (or category) and language. Missing one of these out will not allow you to update the title. This might happen most often mid stream when the context or content of the stream has just changed.

Check all this information is in and try again.

4. Inappropriate stream information

Twitch doesn’t allow swearing, hateful or banned words in stream titles. Have you put something naughty in there? Try removing it to see if the error updating broadcast goes away.

5. Console app inconsistencies

Streaming Twitch directly through a PS4 or Xbox One can result in much simpler but inconsistent experience as a content creator. There’s not a lot you can do on the console itself but some have had mixed results turning it off and on again. An easier fix is to log in to your Twitch on your PC and change the stream information there – the change will then reflect on your console.

6. Twitch internal problem

Sometimes, the issue really is with Twitch and not yourself. In this case, the best course of action is to check Twitch StatusOpens in a new tab. or Twitch SupportOpens in a new tab. on Twitter to se if all systems are online. The one which is likely to have caused an error updating your broadcast is Login, Wed and Video. If these are all on then the problem is likely to be with you.

twitch system status

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