Twitch Channel Points Reward Ideas

Want to distance yourself from the boring, default set of Twitch Channel Points?

Struggling to come up with creative ideas to reward your viewers?

This list will give you some inspiration on how to personalize your rewards and strengthen your viewers incentive to stick around.

Twitch have written some resources to help with the setup and understanding of the Channel Points system. Before continuing, I’d recommend giving them a quick read before you start thinking of custom rewards as there are strict rules you need to follow.

What are Twitch Channel Points?

Channel Points are a currency in which viewers can redeem for customizable rewards set by the broadcaster. They’re earned by watching streams and are unique to each channel.

Twitch Channel Points are all about viewer engagement. The feature is exclusive to Twitch Affiliates & Partners.

The program encourages viewers to keep watching your stream, as well as reward your most loyal viewers. It’s an effective way to increase and retain concurrent viewers.

How do you get Channel Points on Twitch?

The main way to earn Channel Points is by actively watching a broadcast, however, there are a couple of ways to earn bonus points.

Twitch Channel Points Bonus Notification

As the points program is still in its infancy, Twitch frequently tweak the earn rates. You can find the most up to date earn rates hereOpens in a new tab..

Earning ActionPoints Earned
Watching (Subscriber)+20
Active watching+50
Active watching (Subscriber)+100
Participating in a raid+250
Follow the channel+300
Watch streak 2+300
Watch streak 3+350
Watch streak 4+400
Watch streak 5+450
1st Cheer+350
1st Subscription gift+500

Customizing your Twitch Channel Points

Streamers can customize their channel points’ name and display icon. Ideally, you should pick a name that’s in-line with the branding of your stream or personality, as well as a display icon using the same art style as your other assets.

Twitch Channel Points Ideas

Your rewards need to be both tempting and reasonably priced. If you don’t want to frequently put your stream on hold to fulfill a reward, price this type of reward a little higher than the others. Some rewards should rightfully be expensive to redeem, such as ending the stream immediately.

In the list of ideas below, I’ve left an (X) to indicate something either you or the viewer should customize.

  1. Play a GIF of some sort – cheap, easy, entertaining
  2. Chang the overlay
  3. Have a snack
  4. Create a tier listOpens in a new tab.
  5. Add X Minutes to the stream
  6. Read a chapter from a book chosen by the viewer
  7. Reduce stream by X minutes
  8. Give an opinion on a subject (careful on this one)
  9. Play the game in a completely different mode
  10. Play the game by switching hands (right hand uses left hand for mouse)
  11. Play the Wikipedia GameOpens in a new tab.
  12. Become a VIP.
  13. Pick a number and answer the corresponding question from the book of 3000 questionsOpens in a new tab.
  14. Draw (X) in paint
  15. Song request (as long as it’s copyright-free)
  16. Skip current song
  17. Video request
  18. Use (X) item in-game
  19. Use (X) character in-game
  20. Choose the next game
  21. Choose the next map
  22. Choose a name for (X)
  23. Ban a user
  24. Unban a user
  25. Deflect ban
  26. Ban whoever uses the next (X) emote in chat
  27. Ban whoever uses the next emote in chat that isn’t a (X) emote
  28. The streamer must comment (X) on any Instagram profile the viewer chooses
  29. Absolutely nothing (purely to flex)
  30. Do (X) reps of (X) exercise
  31. End the live stream immediately
  32. Viewer gets to choose the streamers desktop background
  33. Viewer gets to choose the streamers Twitter banner
  34. Viewer gets to choose the streamers green screen background
  35. Custom role in Discord
  36. VIP for a day
  37. Steal someone’s VIP
  38. Request a 1V1
  39. Play with the streamer for a round
  40. Run an ad
  41. Bean BoozledOpens in a new tab.
  42. Add a BTTV emote
  43. Text to Speech (you’ll need to add this bot)
  44. Roast me? (with ban immunity)
  45. Learn & Perform a TikTok dance
  46. Story time (tell a fun, interesting or embarrassing story)
  47. Show the stream a photo from your childhood
  48. Follow on social media platform of choice
  49. Get a compliment
  50. Stream setup tour
  51. Stream from your hot tub

Benefits of Twitch channel point rewards

Twitch channel points are a way for your viewers to interact a bit more directly than just chat. It also encourages viewers to keep streaming if there is a larger reward up for grabs.

Earning chat points is faster for those who subscribe and watch actively, this is in the interest of the streamer and helps them grow. For new streamers, channel point ideas should be fairly cheap so that they can start to use even on their first time watching by the end – obviously they can

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