Resident Evil 2 (1998) All Files Location

I love Resident Evil as a series and in particular the original 1998 Resident Evil 2, I have done some long plays and speedruns such as Jill’s Diary guide for RE3 but never have I attempted to do all files for Resident Evil 2.

There are a few lists of file locations and names on the internet it was frustrating that there wasn’t a single guide or table of the order they are collected and which character and scenarios they can be found at.

So, here it is, the complete list and a rough pick up order for ALL files for ’98 RE2 INCLUDING the N64 exclusive EX FILES.

The default sorting of this table is when you encounter them.

Name of FileLeon ALeon BClaire AClaire BOrderSectionLocationA Scenario OrderB Scenario Order
Mercenary's Log EX FILE 06/16YesYes3.0City Area 1East Street2.01.0
Police Station MapYesYesYesYes11.0Police Station 1FEast Office19.02.0
Secretary's Diary AYesYesYesYes12.0Police Station 2FWaiting Room 2F14.03.0
Brad's Note EX FILE 10/16YesYes4.0City Area 1R.P.D. Courtyard4.0
Rebecca's Report EX FILE 09/16YesYes6.0Police Station 2FS.T.A.R.S. office5.0
Chris's DiaryYesYesYesYes6.0Police Station 2FS.T.A.R.S. office9.06.0
Film DYesYesYesYes6.0Police Station 1FS.T.A.R.S. office7.07.0
Operation Report 2YesYesYesYes8.0Police Station 1FDark Room6.08.0
Operation Report 1YesYesYesYes7.0Police Station 1FOperations Room5.09.0
Police MemorandumYesYesYesYes5.0Police Station 1FWaiting Room 1F4.010.0
Film BYesYesYesYes14.0Police Station 1FPress Room (Claire), Evidence Room (Leon)24.011.0
Memo to LeonYesYesYesYes9.0Police Station 1FWest Office16.012.0
Patrol ReportYesYesYesYes16.0Police Station 1FFile Storage11.013.0
Police B1 MapYesYesYesYes19.0Police Station B1Generator Room22.014.0
Film CYesYes16.0Police Station B1Cell Block Entrance15.0
Sewer MapYesYesYesYes25.0Sewers B1elevator access hall27.016.0
Watchman's DiaryYesYesYesYes17.0Police Station 1FWatchman's Room23.017.0
Chief's DiaryYesYesYes15.0Police Station 2FChief Iron's Office18.018.0
Secretary's Diary BYesYesYesYes17.0Police Station 2FTaxidermy Display Room17.019.0
Mail to the ChiefYesYesYesYes18.0Police Station B1Cells25.020.0
Sewer Manager FaxYesYesYesYes22.0Sewer B1Control Room 1 (Claire), Control Room 2 (LEon)26.021.0
Chris's Report EX FILE 14/16YesYes21.0Police Station B1Taxidermy Room22.0
Operation Instructions EX FILE 03/16YesYes24.0Sewer B2Sewer Passage 223.0
Sewer Manager DiaryYesYesYesYes23.0Sewer B1Upper Walkway28.024.0
Factory MapYesYesYesYes26.0Vacant Factory 1FWarehouse29.025.0
Want Ad EX FILE 15/16YesYes27.0Vacant Factory 1FHydrolic Monitor Room26.0
P-epsilon ReportYesYes30.0Laboratory B1Steam Room27.0
Lab Security ManualYesYesYesYes29.0Laboratory B4Sleeping Quarters A31.028.0
User RegistrationYesYesYesYes28.0Laboratory B4Sleeping Quarters A30.029.0
Laboratory MapYesYesYesYes34.0Laboratory B5Monitor Room32.030.0
Mother Virus Report EX FILE 13/16YesYes35.0Laboratory B5P-4 Laboratory31.0
MA121 Progress Report EX FILE 02/16YesYes33.0Laboratory B4B4F Culture Room32.0
Robert's Note EX FILE 04/16YesYes1.0City Area 1Kendo Gun Shop1.0
Dario's Note EX FILE 05/16YesYes2.0City Area 1Bus3.0
Jill's Note EX FILE 08/16YesYes6.0Police Station 2FS.T.A.R.S. office8.0
Mail to ChrisYesYes6.0Police Station 2FS.T.A.R.S. office10.0
Jill's Report EX FILE 01/16YesYes16.0Police Station 1FFile Storage12.0
Racoon City Pamphlet EX FILE 16/16YesYes13.0Police Station 2FLibrary13.0
Film AYesYesYes15.0Police Station 1FEvidence Room15.0
David's Letter EX FILE 07/16YesYes10.0Police Station 1FEast Office20.0
Journalist's Note EX FILE 12/16YesYes16.0Police Station 1FObservation Room21.0
Vaccine SynthesisYes32.0Laboratory B5Lab Entry Corridor33.0
Umbrella Memo EX FILE 11/16YesYes31.0Laboratory B4Active Treatment Experimentation Room34.0

Which files are exclusive to Scenario A?

The following are files which can only be found in Scenario A and are not present anywhere in Scenario B. Vaccine Synthesis is exclusive to Claire A.

Dario’s Note EX FILE 05/16
Robert’s Note EX FILE 04/16
Jill’s Note EX FILE 08/16
David’s Letter EX FILE 07/16
Racoon City Pamphlet EX FILE 16/16
Jill’s Report EX FILE 01/16
Journalist’s Note EX FILE 12/16
Umbrella Memo EX FILE 11/16
Vaccine Synthesis

Here’s the walkthroughs on how to get them all and in what order

A Scenario

B Scenario

Which files are exclusive to Scenario B?

The following can only be found in Scenario B for either Leon or Claire.

Mercenary’s Log EX FILE 06/16
Brad’s Note EX FILE 10/16
Rebecca’s Report EX FILE 09/16
Film C
Chris’s Report EX FILE 14/16
Operation Instructions EX FILE 03/16
Want Ad EX FILE 15/16
P-epsilon Report
MA121 Progress Report EX FILE 02/16
Mother Virus Report EX FILE 13/16

How many files are there in Resident Evil 2 (1998)?

There are a maximum of 44 files in the N64 version, leaving 28 files in all other versions. Counting only traditional “files” there are 22 in a standard game and 38 in the N64 version.

You will need to emulate or play an original N64 to get every file in this version.

  • All Files: 44
  • Standard Files: 18
  • Maps: 6
  • Films: 4
  • EX FILES: 16

Which Files are exclusive to Leon

Leon has no exclusive files, whether it’s Leon A or Leon B. Claire can find all of Leon’s files.

Which files are exclusive to Claire?

Vaccine Synthesis is exclusive to Claire A and can be found in Laboratory B5 – Lab Entry Corridor.

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