Pepega Emote Meaning

Pepega is an emote most commonly seen on Twitch and part of the very long line of Pepe the Frog and Monka emotes. Specifically, Pepega is a distorted version of the FeelsGoodMan emote.

Emotes such as pepega are commonly used to say something without actually saying it, when you discover this emote’s meaning you can see why.

But, what is the meaning and proper use of Pepega? If someone uses it what are they saying? Let’s find out.

Pepega Meaning

The Pepega emote’s meaning is that something or someone is stupid. Specifically, many are conveying that something is “retarded” which is not a politically correct term to use but it is what it is.

Its meaning is certainly associated with mental disability, with autism typically linked to it thanks to Fosen and his community who popularised it.

The distortion is to describe something is odd or “retarded”, whereas the smile ported over from FeelsGoodMan is to convey the face of a simpleton unaware of their “retarded” act.

However, as is the case with any Twitch emote, people may and will use it out of context and for any reason.

Pepega Origins

User Adew created and named pepega in April 2018, as gathered from records on BTTVOpens in a new tab. and FrankerFaceZOpens in a new tab.. This means its a relatively new emote for Twitch considering Pepe the Frog was made in 2005.

New emotes are made every day, the vast majority do not get used much, Pepega gets used a LOT and went somewhat viral thanks to its use through Sebastian ForsenOpens in a new tab. and his community. The use of Pepega can often be accompanied with “FOR SAN”.

pepega for san

Interestingly, it is Forsen who popularised the Ugandan Knuckles meme, also associated with mental disabilities.

Uploaded in April 2018 but didn’t gain traction until December 2018 as can be seen from Google Trends worldwide report.

pepega popularity

How is pepega pronounced?

We are reliably informed that pepega is pronounced “peh-peh-guh” or “peh-peyguh” but I’ve always said “peh-peh-ga”. Not sure if it matters.

Variations of pepega

There are hundreds of variations of pepega with very little differences between them.

Halloween pepega useful to use during the month of October.

halloween pepega

Christmas Pepega for December.

pepega christmas

Pepega cat, because why not.

pepega cat

Nothing beats the original, though.

How can you use the pepega emote?

The stream you are watching just needs to have either Better Twitch TV or FrankerfaceZ extension on their channel. It is not something you can do alone.

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