MonkaW Meaning

MonkaW is an alternative version of MonkaS and a part of the Pepe line of emotes, popular on Twitch and elsewhere.

MonkaW’s meaning is to convey serious worry, stress or panic. The ‘W’ following ‘Monka’ stands for worried or worry. MonkaW is in fact a zoomed in version of MonkaS, with the S meaning sweating, sacred or senpai.


When would you use MonkaW?

You would see or use monkaW during a period of high tension or worry. Examples could be during the last stages of a potential world record speed run or if you’re the last man standing in a competitive game such as Call of Duty or Overwatch.

MonkaW origins

The origins of MonkaW are linked to MonkaS which came first.

MonkaS origins lie with a 4chan thread in 2011 but it wasn’t usable on Twitch until it was uploaded to FrankerfaceZ/BTTV until 2016. It is one of the many variations of Pepe the Frog where it was modifier to make it look worried.

MonkaW is simply a zoomed in version, nothing else.

MonkaW’s origins are tied to BetterTTV user voparoS_Opens in a new tab. who uploaded the emote on the 26th of September, 2017. It is now a part of at least 130,428 different Twitch channels.

I can’t for the life of my find out what the origins of calling them series ‘Monka’ is. If anyone knows please leave a comment as I’d love to update this article a little more.

Why can’t I use MonkaW on Twitch?

The streamer you are watching must have Better Twitch TV or the FrankerFaceZ extension for their users to be able to use more emotes.

Variations of MonkaW and MonkaW viral incidents

MonkaW Halloween

monkaw halloween

A Monkaw covered in blood. Its use goes up during Halloween but can be used all year round – signifies having done something bad and then becoming seriously worried.

MonkaW thumbs up

monkaw thumbs up

This one means feeling pretty worried and an ironic thumbs up. Similar to the dog in the burning house meme “everything’s fine”.

MonkaW Yellowstone

The MonkaW emote was used significantly when the Yellowstone volcano was unusually active. The emote fit as people were generally worried.

Angel MonkaW

MonkaW and its use went viral when popular streamer Angel lost it during a GTAV stream with xQc.

El Diablo MonkaW

el diablo monkaw

During an Overwatch stream, El Diablo was seriously worried hence El Diablo Monkaw.

The Elundis Core MonkaW

Again, this is xQc and Yellowstone related, the clip says it all from YouTube.

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