Madge emote

We are writing more and more pages about emotes due to the sheer number of new creations and uses on Twitch day by day. Today, we’re discussing the Madge emote, an emote that on face value won’t be anything different as its based on monkaS which itself is based on Pepe the Frog. But, each emote has a story behind it and madge is no different.

madge emote

The above is the madge emote with transparent background should you want to use it.

Let’s get to it.

What does the Madge emote mean?

The Madge emote denotes anger but in a depressing or pathetic way. The depression/pathetic is in keeping with other similar emotes which have the ‘ge’ at the end of the name, such as Sadge or okaydge. Examples of its meaning would be when someone has been caught doing something embarrassing.


In any case, Madge would mean that someone is not actually mad or angry at anything but are rather hopelessly annoyed and this is the only emotion they know of. There’s not a really deep meaning to the emote, like most emotes.

Some people have incorrectly associated the emote with Madonna’s nickname, but this is purely coincidental.

What are the origins of the madge emote?

Madge was first uploaded to FrankerFaceZ on September 2nd, 2020 by H3RROOpens in a new tab. and it is their only submission to the site, ever. It was uploaded to BetterTTV on the same day, but on BTTV he has a few other submissionsOpens in a new tab. in the same style as monkaS.

h3rrros emotes

We know the origins to be Pepe the Frog, then it was adopted by the community which spawned monkaS but it’s safe to say that the origin of Madge is H3RRRO in September of 2020.

Variations of Madge

There aren’t a great number of madge variations, except for madge hands which is the madge Twitch emote but with hands on the chin, this was uploaded by flamuuOpens in a new tab. in May 25, 2021. This one is probably to show anger and sadness at the same time.

madge hands

MadgeBackHands is another variation uploaded by guccigamingOpens in a new tab. on May 2022. This one is mad but with a hint of scheming perhaps.



The world of online communities, particularly Twitch, is constantly evolving, and one aspect of this evolution is the creation and use of emotes. Pepe the Frog and its derivative, monkaS, have been two of the biggest influences on emote creation. However, with so many emotes available, some users may grow bored of the same ones and crave new creations with only slight differences. This is why we are seeing more and more pages dedicated to documenting and discussing these new emotes, such as the Madge emote.

Despite being based on monkaS, Madge has its own unique story and meaning. It was created by H3RRO in September 2020 and is used to convey a depressing or pathetic type of anger. While some emotes have deeper meanings, most are simply visual cues to express a particular emotion or reaction in the Twitch community. The continuous creation and adoption of new emotes like Madge show the dynamic and innovative nature of online communities and their use of language and visual symbols to communicate with one another.

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