How To Show Song Playing On Twitch

Despite being known primarily as a gaming platform, Twitch streamers do often have some form of music playing during down time or if they’re Just Chatting.

Playing music on Twitch is a tricky area but if you have managed to curate yourself a handy streaming playlist which won’t get you into trouble and you want to share this automatically in your stream we’ve got some examples of Twitch extensions and tools that will do this.

Spotify Now Playing by Aidan Wallis

Spotify now playing aided wallis

We start by showcasing a widget creator by an actual engineer. This simple tool asks for you to login to Spotify and then it does the rest for you. It comes with animations coming in and out or can just stay permanently on.

This works only with Spotify, hence the name, but it is very reliable and made by a trusted and active developer with several works on GitHub.

OBS Essential Now Playing/Universal Now Playing

universal now playing

This free tool is intended to work with OBS and provides and overlay on your stream which links with the likes of:

  • Spotify
  • iTunes
  • mpv
  • Google Play Music Desktop Player

This tool is easy to set up and use and ideal for those who don’t want to play and already use OBS. Not every tool provides an overlay when a song starts and finishes but this is one of them. But, it does take real estate on your stream which can be a negative.



CoeBot is a pretty simple Twitch bot which comes with commands for viewers to type in to find the current song. Links with and not the big named players such as Apple and Spotify. Perfect for those who use exclusively and only wants the chat commands.

Included commands are:

  • !music
  • !lastfm
  • !np
  • !songlink

To install, follow the link.

Nightbot Now Playing

nightbot now playing overlay

Nightbot, one of the most used Twitch bots, already had some now playing commands included but with an extension from Pixelchai you can now put a now playing song OVERLAY on your stream.

It doesn’t look great but it means you don’t need to tinker and add anything more you don’t need. Most people already have Nightbot so it makes sense to just add this on.

Instructions on how to install are in the link.

Zyphen’s Now Playing overlay

Zyphen's Now Playing overlay

Zyphen’s now playing Twitch overlay is perhaps one of the best looking ones with a bit more personalisation compared to the others.

This works with OBS so if you don’t use it then use one of the other universal ones.

Zyphen also offers a video demo, video tutorial to accompany it so installing it is a cinch.

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