How Stream and Record N64 on Twitch


The nostalgia evoked by the original Nintendo 64 (N64) gameplay holds a unique allure for both gamers and viewers, making it a cherished relic in the rapidly evolving world of gaming. This guide is designed for those interested in streaming or recording this authentic, vintage gaming experience using original hardware. It aims to help you navigate the technical complexities involved and showcase your gameplay in the highest possible quality.

The Open Source Scan Converter (OSSC) is a favored tool amongst many retro-game streamers. Its capability to upscale and refine low-resolution gameplay for modern displays makes it an integral part of any streaming setup. Our comprehensive YouTube video also walks you through this process for an immersive audio-visual understanding.

Friendly Disclaimer

Hey there, fellow gamers! Before we dive into the details of this guide, it’s important to remember that the world of gaming is as diverse as it is dynamic. The methods to stream N64 gameplay are many, and this article is my personal take on it, based on my own experiences and preferences.

While I’ve endeavored to present a detailed and thorough guide, it’s always beneficial to explore other options and perspectives. In this spirit, I strongly recommend checking out our accompanying YouTube video. It not only provides a visual walk-through of this setup but also gives you a glimpse of the actual footage quality you can expect.

Remember, everyone’s gaming journey is unique. Here’s to finding the setup that resonates best with you.

The Challenges of Streaming Original N64 Hardware

Streaming from original N64 hardware poses significant challenges. Its design and technology predate broadband internet, and it was never built to integrate smoothly with today’s high-tech capture cards or PCs. Its lack of an RGB output without a mod further limits its compatibility with high-end capture cards.

What’s more, the N64’s low-resolution output (240p in NTSC regions or 288p in PAL regions) can result in a pixelated appearance on today’s high-definition displays, significantly diminishing the viewing experience. Just plugging it into modern TVs does not do justice to this iconic console’s visual potential.

Journey from the N64 to Twitch or Offline Recording: What You Need

To address these challenges and successfully stream or record N64 gameplay, you need a setup that both enhances the N64 signal and transmits this improved signal via HDMI. Here’s a breakdown of my rig:

The RGB Modded N64

The core of this setup is a PAL N64 console modified with a Tim Worthington RGB modOpens in a new tab., this just because I live in a PAL region and ANY N64 can output 60hz as it game based and not console based. I use an EverDrive 64 X7 to boot my games and preserver my original copies.

This mod taps into the console’s dormant RGB output, enhancing the visual quality of the games. Without this mod, the console can only output a composite video signal, which lacks the sharpness and color accuracy of an RGB signal. The RGB mod significantly improves the picture quality by providing a cleaner, more precise signal for upscale conversion.

tim worthington rob mod for N64 installed

High-Quality RGB SCART Cable

roc cable for n64

The next piece of the puzzle is a high-quality RGB SCART cable from in a new tab.. This cable transports the RGB signal from the modded console to the OSSC. Compared to a composite cable, an RGB SCART cable carries separate red, green, and blue video signals, resulting in a clearer, brighter, and more colorful image.

Open Source Scan Converter (OSSC)

The OSSC takes this RGB signal and performs line multiplication, transforming the low-resolution output from the N64 into a high-definition signal that’s compatible with modern displays and capture cards.

Line multiplication (or upscaling) involves increasing the number of lines in the video signal. This allows the low-res 240p/288p output to fit neatly into a high-definition 720p, 1080p and even 1440p format. The result is a much cleaner and sharper image, with individual pixels clearly defined rather than blurred or distorted. For streamers and their viewers, this means gameplay footage that doesn’t need to be stretched to fit modern screens, leaving ample space for overlays, chat windows, or speedrunning timers.

OSSC and Elgato HD60S+

Capture Card and a PC with OBS/SLOBS

The upscaled signal from the OSSC is then fed into the Elgato HD60S+ capture card. This capture card handles every signal from the OSSC up to 5x line multiplication and supports up to 60FPS. This is important as although the N64 will be around 25-30fps, your stream can still be 60FPS. Finally, a PC or a MacBook running OBS/SLOBS software captures, encodes, and streams or records the gameplay.

full n64 streaming/recording set up

Why I Recommend This Setup to Stream and Record N64 Footage

This setup offers several key benefits:

  1. Quality: The RGB mod and OSSC transform the low-res N64 output into a high-definition, vibrant, and sharp image that can be streamed or recorded without any quality compromise.
  2. Versatility: This setup can be adapted for use with many other retro consoles.
  3. Authenticity: Unlike emulation, this setup delivers an authentic gaming experience that resonates with nostalgic gamers and viewers alike.
  4. Viewer Experience: By upscaling the video, you provide your audience with a larger, clearer image that enhances their viewing experience.

Alternative Ways to Stream N64

There are alternative methods for streaming N64 gameplay, such as using a plug-and-play solution, emulation, or using a modern remake of the console. Each of these methods has its pros and cons and may suit different streamers based on their preferences, technical skills, and budget.


Streaming or recording original N64 gameplay to Twitch or offline can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. This guide should provide you with a solid understanding of how to capture the magic of the N64 in the highest possible quality. Happy gaming, and may your streams capture the authentic spirit of retro gaming!

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