How Old Is My Twitch Account

Here we help you find out how old your Twitch account is and the date it was created.

Does Twitch store account creation dates?

Yes, they do! But they do not have a dedicated section on their site that just tells you what it is easily. It is easy to find out when you created your Twitch account but not because of Twitch themselves but rather the community.

There are a few methods to find out, we’ll start with the easiest and then work our way down and then we’ll help you figure out how old the account is by looking at the difference between those two dates.

How To Find Out When Your Account Was Created

Twitch Inisights

By far the easiest method is to use Twitch Insight’s check user function. It will check their database and load up some vital stats from that account.

when was my account created twitch

You’ll notice that this tool is intended to be used to see if particular users have been banned or not but it does give the account creation date as a supplement. This is accurate (you can verify it with another method) and the database is big enough to find even lurkers.

This is the easiest and simplest way that we know of getting your account creation date (we will provide the formula to find out the account age down below).

Twitch Own Channel

We mentioned earlier that does hold on to the creation date record it just doesn’t present itself to you in your account or profile menus. But, there is a way which is easy but a hassle that shouldn’t exist. Here’s how to do it.

Navigate to your OWN channel, and enter the chat. You can do this even if you’ve never streamed once like the below example shows.

To do this, click on your profile icon and then head into “channel”.

own channel on twitch

Next, navigate to your own chat.

chat room account age

Lastly, type anything in chat and then click on your name in the chat, which will bring up a popup with the details.

Because you automatically follow your own channel, this is your account created date. You can use this slow method if you wish or you can just use it to verify the date that Twitch Insights gave you.

Either way, you now have your own Twitch account creation date! Next up is how to get the difference between that date and today’s date to get the age of your account.

How to find the age of your Twitch account

Once you have the creation date, use the below to find the exact age.

Time and

The easiest method to finding how old your Twitch account is is by going to and entering the creation date and today’s date in the fields, like this:

how to find time between two dates

Press calculate and you’ll get results like this:

how old is my twitch account

This will give you the exact age of your Twitch account, or anyone elses if you know the creation date.

Excel/Google Sheets/Apple Numbers

With a spreadsheet program, you can find out the time between dates and therefore the AGE of your Twitch account with the DATEDIF formula. First, make sure the cells are formatted as dates, then add the formula =DATEDIF(CREATIONDATE,TODAYSDATE,UNIT OF MEASUREMENT. Here’s an exact example of how we’ve done it to get the number of months.

excel time between dates

You can substitute the M for D to get days and Y for years and so on. For more on this formula visit makeuseof.

Easier and quicker to just use time and date, really.

So there you have it, finding out how old your Twitch account is shouldn’t be this long winded but with our Tips it should take you no more than 5 minutes.

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