Hot Tub Streamers on Twitch

Streamers going live in their hot tubs is not a new thing on Twitch – it has been around since at least 2017 and still extremely popular today. It has it’s own category on Twitch but it does tend to be “Just chatting” while they’re in there.

If you have a look at the category there are plenty of live streamers doing it right now, but as with a lot of categories on Twitch there is actually a small list of popular hot tub streamers hoarding all of the views and follows at any given moment.

In this blog we’ll show you the list of Twitch’s most popular hot tub streamers and FAQs surrounding this divisive genre. In this list we’ll let you know how many followers they have, viewer stats and how much money the make.

14 of the Top Hot Tub Twitch Streamers


Amouranth Twitch Stats

Followers5.6 Million
Average Viewers12,000
Peak Viewers20,405
Twitch Earnings (per month)$60,000
Hours Watched87 Million

Amouranth, aka Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, is perhaps Twitch’s most popular hot tub streamer and in fact one of Twitch’s most popular streamer across all categories. She is from Houston, Texas and started her career as a cosplayer before moving to Twitch to do videos on cosplaying.

As her popularity grew she began to use her charismatic personality and appearance to branch out from Just Chatting to ASMR (which she is one of the biggest) and then when the hot tub meta arrived she helped propel it to where it is now.

When she streams in the pools, hot tubs and beaches category she can command almost 50% of all views in that category at that time, which is massive.

She is just as active as ever on TwitchOpens in a new tab. now in and out of the hot tub but has also amassed a massive following elsewhere on InstagramOpens in a new tab., YouTube and OnlyFansOpens in a new tab. which she is the top content creator.

Taylor Jevaux

Taylor Jevaux

Taylor Jevaux Twitch Stats

Followers1.6 Million
Average Viewers5,397
Peak Viewers8,922
Twitch Earnings (per month)$26,985
Hours Watched4.6 Million

Taylor Jevaux is an out and out “booby streamer” and one of the biggest powerhouses in the genre commanding well over a million followers on her channelOpens in a new tab. and a very healthy average viewer count, even though she may not stream as frequently as other content creators.

She does frequent the pool but most of her videos involve body painting and flaunting her body one way or another.

Unfortunately, she has been targeted in the past with other streamers critical of her content (specifically the hot tub meta) and labelling her as a “Twitch Thot”. Despite this, Jevaux continues to command a large following and still creates the content she is famous for.


alinity hot tub streamer

Alinity Twitch Stats

Followers1.5 Million
Average Viewers6,543
Peak Viewers9,295
Twitch Earnings (per month)$32,715
Hours Watched17.9 Million

Alinity, real name Natalia Mogollon, is a Colombian streamer and a pure hot tub/just chatting streamer who may on occasion play games such as World of Warcraft and Apex Legends, more so recently. However, hot tub streaming is what she is probably known for.

A controversial figure both online and offline, Alinity has been involved in many controversies such as attempting to copyright strike PewDiePie, abusing her cats, saying (allegedly) the N word, live nip slips (showing a nipple on stream) and even alleged marriage fraud for citizenship.

Despite this, she has used the hot tub to her advantaged and carved out an impressive career with has spanned outside of her Twitch channelOpens in a new tab. to InstagramOpens in a new tab. and of course OnlyFans.


leyna ina hot tub

Leynainu Twitch stats

Average Viewers2,049
Peak Viewers3,233
Twitch Earnings (per month)$10,245
Hours Watched9.2 Million

LeynaInu, real name Elena, is primarily a Just Chatting, ASMR or Pools, hot tubs and beaches streamer with a massive following on TwitchOpens in a new tab. and elsewhere. She may occasionally play World of Warcraft.

Although she does quite well from her Twitch streams, the majority of her earnings will come from brand deals, sponsorships on her InstagramOpens in a new tab. and her OnlyFansOpens in a new tab. content, of which she is in the top 0.1%.

If you’re looking for pure hot tub streamers on Twitch she is one of them.


melina hot tub stream

Melina Twitch Stats

Average Viewers2,734
Peak Viewers5,345
Twitch Earnings (per month)$13,670
Hours watched8.6 Million

Melina Goransson is a Swedish Twitch streamerOpens in a new tab. who specialises in pool streams and just chatting. Many of her streams are also out and about but one thing will always be consistent – boobies. She is dedicated to Twitch and one of the few specialists that hasn’t moved over to more explicit platforms such as OnlyFans.


Jinytty hot tub

Jinytty Twitch Stats

Average Viewers5,270
Peak Viewers11,532
Twitch Earnings (per month)$26,350
Hours Watched41 Million

Jinytty is a Korean streamer who focuses on just chatting, IRL, variety and some games such as Hearthstone, PUBG. Pools, hot tubs & beaches is very down the line when it comes on hours of content created in 2022.

Jinytty has certainly done her fair share of streams from the bath but these days it’s fair to say she has left that world behind to concentrate on Just Chatting and travelling. However, she was well and truly into the hot tub meta when it started to blew up and it’s hard to say that it didn’t help her Twitch channelOpens in a new tab..

Her average viewers to follower count is pretty good and she has done a superb job of growing her Twitch and adapting as trends come and go.

Mia Malkova

mia Markova hot tub twitch

Mia Markova Twitch stats

Average Viewers2,200
Peak Viewers2,000
Twitch Earnings (per month)$11,000
Hours Watched1.2 Million

Mia Malkova was an award winning established adult actress for years before Twitch came along and way before anyone thought about getting a hot tub on a stream. With an existing fan base, it was fairly comfortable for her to get followers early on and fit perfectly within the hot tub meta.

She is a variety streamer as well, playing games such as World of Warcraft, Dead by Daylight and Red Dead Redemption.

She has worked extremely hard on her brand and knows what her fans like which is why her hot tub streams are among the most popular on her Twitch channelOpens in a new tab.. However, the majority of her earnings are likely to be away from Twitch on platforms such as OnlyFans and her adult films.



Evaanna Twitch Stats

Average Viewers16,818
Peak Viewers39,110
Twitch Earnings (per month)$84,090
Hours watched3.2 Million

Ann, is a model and a high profile streamerOpens in a new tab. specialising just chatting and generally interacting of fans who adore her beauty and charm. She has done some pool streams in the past but generally sticks to IRL chatting. Her content is closely guarded behind several paywalls as she (like many others) bottlenecks her fines towards her paid content on platforms such as OnlyFans.

Her average viewers are enormous for her follower count, possibly due to her being more international than other streamers who predominantly American.


faith hot tub

Faith Twitch Stats

Average Viewers1,507
Peak Viewers3,510
Twitch Earnings (per month)$7,353
Hours Watched3.9 Million

Faith (surname unknown) is not primarily a hot tub streamer, in fact the vast majority of her Twitch streamsOpens in a new tab. are playing first person shooters like Apex Legends. She has also been know to play some retro games on occasion.

Faith is quite an exceptionally skilled gamer as you will see on her previous VODs, she’s amassed a lot of sponsorships and opportunities through these which increase her earnings beyond what Twitch will likely pay out alone.

Her hot tub streams are pretty chilled but this is not what she’s known for and not what she clearly wants to be push through her brand, but as she does dip her feet in the tub on occasion she is still deserving to be in the list of the most popular hot tub streamers.

At the height of the hot tub meta she was in the water every single day – this has died down now considerably and it looks as though she is stepping back from that and focussing a lot more on her Apex Legends and FPS streams, reserving InstagramOpens in a new tab. for more of the glamorous side.


spoopykitt hot tub

SpoopyKitt Twitch Stats

Average Viewers1,379
Peak Viewers2,557
Twitch Earnings (per month)$24,000
Hours Watched2 Million

SpoopyKitt, real name Annie Tapia, is a fully fledged hot tub streamer, that specialises in just chatting whilst wearing very revealing bikinis and costumes. Here bio says she is a variety streamer but there os not an awful lot of variety in her content, for better or for worse.

She is a veteran of the hot tub meta and still does very well for herself on TwitchOpens in a new tab. who used the springboard to expand into Instagram and OnlyFans.


Exohydrax Twitch Stats

Average Viewers1,069
Peak Viewers2,681
Twitch Earnings (per month)$5,345
Hours watched1.1 Million

ExoHydrax is 22 years old, born in France who lives in the UK. She speaks 6 languages, and streams Just Dance, Just Chatting and occasionally plays Call of Duty. A latecomer to twitch, joining 2019 with a massive spike in mid 2021.

She is the self-proclaimed thiccest hot tub streamer, which is hard to disagree with.

More recently, her streams are a bit more varies with a lot more Yoga, gym sessions and dancing – each time with a significant amount of cleavage which would put her in the “titty streamer” category.

However, ExoHydrax’s Twitch streams have reduced significantly in recent months which suggests she is focusing on her other more profitable ventures such as OnlyFans.


xoaerial hot tub stream

xoAeriel Twitch Stats

Average Viewers665
Peak Viewers1160
Twitch Earnings (per month)$3,325
Hours watched1.8 Million

Polish variety streamer xoaeoriel was right at the start and the peak of the hot tub meta rising to 2,500 average views at her peak where it has considerably dropped since the, despite still doing the same sort of IRL beach/pool content. Apparently, xoAeriel invented the hot tub stream meta when she was interviewed by Kotaku.

Xoaeriel has migrated to OnlyFans which may explain her waning Twitch channelOpens in a new tab..


asianbunnyx hot tub

Asianbunnyx Twitch Stats

Average Viewers2,893
Peak Viewers5,441
Twitch Earnings (per month)$14,465
Hours watched505,000

Jessica Ly is a skilled artist and an out-and-out pool streamer/UwU girl. She is Vietnamese living in Florida who makes use of her looks and genuine personality to attract a large amount of average viewers to her followers.

Jessica like many others who double down on the booby streams expanded to explicit platforms such as OnlyFans.


emma Wayne hot tub

Emma Layne Twitch Stats

Average Viewers745
Peak Viewers1,297
Twitch Earnings (per month)$3,725
Hours watched718,000

Emma Layne is a variety streamerOpens in a new tab. from the Midwest who specialises in cosplays and Fortnite, which she has ploughed in thousands of hours but this has fallen way down the pecking order. She now specialises in pool streaming, yoga and just chatting and when she made the switch her follower count flew up.

As with many booby streamers, she moved into more explicit and profitable platforms such as OnlyFans.

Best Pools, Hot Tubs & Beaches Streamer Stats

There are a lot more hot tub streamers than the ones we’ve listed, these are just a hand picked top bunch. However, here are some stats around the ones we’ve chosen to pique your interest.

Hot Tub Streamers By Followers

hot tub streamers by followers

This chart shows just how massive Amouranth’s channels is, even when compared to other pretty serious streamers. The gulf is simply massive. However, Amouranth is a household name for those familiar with Twitch and OnlyFans – she will naturally get followers just by being well known.

Hot Tub Streamers By Average Views

hot tub streamers by average views

Considering her followers, Amouranth should be higher. Surprisingly, Evaanna is right up there with her average views as is Taylor and Alinity. This goes to show how high their engagement is and how many followers are actually tune in.

Hot tub streamers by peak views

hot tub streamers by peak views

Evanna again showing everyone that she creates great content that can go viral. The gap here is considerable. Jinytty also ranks high with double the peak viewers as she does average viewers.

Hot tub streamers by hours watched

hot tub streamers by hours watched

Amouranth is Queen once again, but having the most followers and her longevity makes it obvious. The most impressive stats here are LeynaInu who is relatively new and has low amount of followers and average viewers. The streamers who stream most often and longest win the race here.

Twitch Hot Tub Streamer FAQs

What are hot tub streamers

Hot tub streamers are Twitch content creators who go live from a literal hot tub in their homes or elsewhere. The specific category is called Pools, Hot Tubs & beaches where previously it may have been under Just Chatting.

Who was the first hot tub streamer?

Nobby knows who, but XOAeriel is the only person to have made this claim during an interview with Kotaku.

How do people stream from a hot tub?

Streamers will place their recording equipment on a table or chair away from the pool. Often simply placed on a chair or a tripod mounted camera with ring lights behind them.

How much do hot tub streamers make?

It is impossible to tell exactly how much streamers make from Twitch by their streams. Secondly, pool streamers typically have multiple revenue streams (brand deals, sponsorships, OnlyFans) which can dwarf their earnings from Twitch. It is safe to assume that the top tier streamers make millions a year.

Does Twitch ban hot tub streaming?

No. Twitch has made a specific category for these content creators to use and there are no rules about wearing revealing clothing. Hot tub streamers have encountered their fair share of bans but the reasons have usually been bullying, harassment, deliberate or accidental nudity (nip slips), racism.

Are hot tub streamers ruining Twitch?

There are PLENTY of streamers who are not fans of hot tub streams – they believe they cheapen the platform and their ability to draw large numbers of viewers takes them away from others who feel they put more of an effort in. xQC has been a vocal critic of the genre.

Are titty streamers / booby streamers the same as hot tub streamers?

Yes and no. Traditionally, booby/titty streamers are those who use cleavage and revealing clothing for views whilst otherwise providing mediocre content.

Follower stats gathered from
Twitch metrics gathered from Twitch Tracker, accurate as of July 2022.
Average earnings calculated at $5 per 30 viewers multiplied by recent average viewers.

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