What Games Should You Stream Using A Green Screen?

Green screens add an extra dimension of immersion to your gameplay. Some streamers don’t like to use green screens due to the hassle involved in chroma keying and the initial setup, but persevere and you’ll improve the quality of your stream tremendously and project a more professional image to your viewers.

Virtual Reality Games

Watching VR gameplay can be quite jarring as the video feed is recorded in first person, that means every little movement of your face is picked up in the footage.

When streaming virtual reality gameplay, you can create a mixed-reality setup which gives the impression that you are actually there stood in the world of the game you’re playing. Lots of Beat Saber YouTubers use this trick, check out the video below:

Horror Games

Often set in eerie dark environments, horror games are designed to build a feeling of suspense and dread.

When you’re streaming with a webcam, viewers will see the background behind you which may include distracting lighting from your streaming setup or simply too much frame taken up by your webcam area, which steals some of this immersion.

A green screen will completely eliminate this, saving you precious digital real-estate on your broadcast and allowing viewers to see more of the game without a distinct square box cutting into the frame.

Your viewers also may not be able to tell if you’re streaming in a completely dark room, whereas they’ll be viewing the gameplay almost as if they’re experiencing it for themselves on their own PC.

Competitive Games

Competitive games often have plenty of community-run tournaments which streamers can use their platform to cast the gameplay to a wider audience. Tyler1 takes this a huge step further with his TCS.

Casting with only the outline of your body to interrupt the frame appears so much more professional than having your bedroom in the background, which, once again, eats away at screen space.

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