List of Games with Twitch Integration

Acquiring viewers is one battle, but getting them to stick around is a whole other story. Games with built-in Twitch integration are an awesome way of getting your viewers involved in the stream and prevent drop-offs.

1. Dead Cells

Being a rogue-like game, Dead Cells already has an inherent appeal for live streamers. It’s not as brutally simple as the likes of Getting Over It or Jump King, Dead Cells offers players a fully fledged story with bosses to battle and a light sprinkle of RPG elements in the form of health and gear upgrades.

Dead Cells Twitch Integration

Dead Cells has a fully fledged Twitch streamer mode whereby users in chat can get involved in the game depending on which elements have been enabled. Here are some of the Twitch integration features taken directly from the streamer mode menu:

  • Activate Captain Chicken. (A viewer will be randomly selected from those who volunteer. They will then be in charge of your health potion!
  • Authorise The Chicken to heal you without an explicit request from you.
  • Allow The Chicken Captain to speak. (The viewer controlling the chicken will be able to have their messages appear in game above the Chicken.
  • Activate control of the Boss
  • Activate level modifiers. (Between each level, viewers choose a modifier – good or bad – for the next level!)
  • Activate the Community Codex. (Viewers choose the type of scrolls – Brutality, Tactics or Survival)
  • Activate Community Chests. (Viewers will try to open these special chests while you’re fighting!)
  • Activate community help to spot secrets. (Viewers can let you know that they have spotted a secret.)

2. One Troll Army

One Troll Army is a tower defense game in which you play as a giant troll enlisted by goblins to defend their fortress from invaders. In return, you’ll be able to collect money, new armor and moves to use in the next onslaught.

One Troll Army is completely free. It was supposed to cost $10, but there’s a story behind how the game became free.

The developers – tinyBuild – challenged their Twitch viewers that if they could beat them at their own game, they would reduce the price.

They got annihilated.

One Troll Army Twitch Integration

Twitch chat plays the role of the invaders, with each viewer being assigned a minion. Viewers in chat must use a series of commands to control their minion. They can control the movement speed, unit type, outfit and who they want to attack.

3. Viewergames Arcade

Viewergames Arcade is an indie racing game built from the ground up to be played with your Twitch chat.

All you need to get started is their dedicated Twitch extensionOpens in a new tab., which allows viewers to get involved, manage their car layouts and use their in-game items. Viewers can also spend their channel points on bonuses on things like customization or extras.

It’s great for a bit of light-hearted fun, and best of all – it’s free!

4. Choice Chamber

Choice Chamber is a platformer game built solely around the idea of playing with an audience. The game is fairly simple, you’re placed in a procedurally generated map and are assisted (or victimized) by Twitch chat.

The trailer would have you believe that you need to be a well-established streamer with a huge following to get the most out of Choice Chamber, but this is far from the truth. Even streamers with 10 – 15 viewers can have fun with this game, but it will render your chat hard to read regardless of your viewer count.

Pro Tip: Ban the word Pogo before streaming this game.

5. Doodle WHAT?!

Drawing games are always fun and Doodle WHAT?! delivers as expected, but what differs this charades game to the more popular is that it integrates directly with Twitch chat, so viewers don’t have to have the platform open on another browser tab to play the game.

What limits doodle WHAT?! is the amount of options. You’ll run out of unique things to draw pretty quickly unless you choose a category like food. Aside from that, it’s a pretty cheap game so well worth picking up just for a bit of fun.

6. Warhammer 2 Vermintide

With no new Left 4 Dead games on the horizon, the Warhammer franchise have stepped up with their Vermintide series to bring players the co-op wave survival experience.

Warhammer 2 Vermintide Twitch Integration

Using a dedicated Twitch mode, streamers can apply a setting which allows their Twitch chat to make various decisions to affect the difficulty of the game. Some of those decisions include:

  • Spawning Monsters
  • Giving Potions
  • Buffs / Debuffs (such as healing, bleeding and other health-sapping status effects)
  • Temporary Invulnerability

Chat can’t apply these effects as and when they like, instead the game will trigger a vote whereby viewers prompted to cast their vote in Twitch chat by using the commands shown on screen.

7. Streets of Rogue

According to the developer, Streets of Rogue is an RPG Rogue-Lite Action Stealth Shooter Brawler Co-Op MegaGame. That’s right – a mouthful – but critics say that Streets of Rogue is as close to a tabletop RPG as you can get on PC. The game play involves fighting (or sneaking) through randomly generated maps with character rewards unlocked at the end of each level.

If you’re in to this type of game then Streets of Rogue is well worth picking up. It even made an appearance in the 2019 Rock Paper Shotgun PC Games of the YearOpens in a new tab.!

Streets of Rogue Twitch Integration

Streets of Rogue integrates with Twitch by letting viewers vote on the specific traits the player will be awarded at the end of each level, as well as quest rewards and disasters.

Voting works the same as Warhammer 2: Vermintide, whereby Twitch chat has to vote using commands prompted on screen.

8. Clustertruck

If you’re partial to a few MemeulousOpens in a new tab. videos, you’ll have seen some gameplay of Clustertruck. The game consists of leaping between fast moving trucks, with the difficulty progressively getting harder the longer you last.

Clustertruck Twitch Integration

Being such a simple concept, you may be left wondering where the game integrates with Twitch. The answer is by voting on the next event that happens in game, such as:

  • Exploding Trucks
  • Laser Trucks
  • Earthquake
  • Bouncy Trucks
  • Low Gravity
  • Double Gravity
  • Thin Trucks
  • Fat Trucks

9. Party Hard 2

Party Hard has you gatecrash parties in efforts to finally get some damn sleep. You’ll get to spoil parties in all sorts of unique ways as well as fighting a drug syndicate. The game mostly revolves around stealth-based game play, with an emphasis on setting traps and lateral thinking.

Party Hard 2 Twitch Integration

Most of the games with Twitch integration only allow you to get involved by a series of votes. Party Hard 2 takes this to another level – as a viewer, you’ll be involved in actually creating the environment in which the streamer has to navigate, as well as setting objectives for the broadcaster to complete.

The original Party Hard game did have integration with Twitch and based off its success, the second installment in the series returns with further improved integration. Check out the video below for the full run down.

10. Jackbox Party Pack Games

If you want that house party board-game experience with your digital friends, grab any of the Jackbox Party Pack games and you’ll have yourself a laugh.

Most of the larger broadcasters (like, Lirik sized) who have streamed a Jackbox game usually ended up streaming Quiplash. They’re absolutely brilliant engagement tools, but they’re not a niche in which you can revolve your streams around.

Jackbox Party Pack Twitch Integration

The streamer will host the game, with viewers being invited to join and sign in via the Jackbox website to link up the game with their Twitch account.

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