Funny Twitch Bait Names

Twitch is a place for good old fashioned entertainment. Normally, the entertainment comes from the creator’s content but sometimes users can get in on the action for a laugh. One of the ways to do that is through “bait names” which can be read out by the computerised announcer or better yet, the streamer themselves.

Names and words which are blatantly offensive are not included in these list.

List of Great Twitch Bait Names

These are the old school bait names made famous from programs such as The Simpsons. Everyone has probably seen most if not all of this. Such is their popularity that it’s unlikely that any Twitch streamer would fall for these as they’re so on the nose.

But, most of the bait names below are pretty light hearted and unlikely to get the streamer in trouble even if they fall for it. Low risk, low impact – if you donated to use this you’re unlikely to get success. But, everyone should have a bit of a chuckle with them if you pull it off.

The Classics

  • Mike Hunt
  • Mike Rotch
  • Mike Hawk
  • Jenna Tools
  • Mike Oxlong
  • Dixie Normous
  • Hugh Jazz
  • Mike Litoris
  • Ben Dover
  • Hugh G. Rection
  • Heywood Jablowme
  • Dixon Cider
  • Phil Atio
  • Dick Burns
  • Phil McCrevis
  • Peter File

Modern Bait

These names are slightly dirtier but a little less known than the above list which could have a better success ratio. Most look like they could be someone’s real names hence they’re a bit better. Probably not ideal for creators who do not have a mature content filter. Our personal favourite Twitch bait name from the below is Willie Fistergash.

  • Mabolza Ritchie
  • Munch Maquchi
  • Suq Madiq
  • Boo Khaki
  • Drew Peacock
  • Willie Fistergash
  • KronikMathsDebater
  • Lee Keybum
  • A Wrecked Isle Diss Function
  • Cummins Cider
  • Willie B. Hardigan
  • Duncan McCoconah


This list of fantastic bait names to use against streamers are PC, safe and literally harmless fun. These are the kinds you might have seen on a classic episode of Simpsons. The best thing about these baits are the fact that they are inconspicuous and have a good chance of actually being read out.

Patty O’Doors and Ahmed Adoudi are particularly good examples as on first glance they look like real names.

  • Sir Cumference
  • Patty O’Doors
  • Phyllis Navidad
  • Oliver Klozoff
  • Bea O’problem
  • Anita Bath
  • Ahmed Adoudi
  • Isabelle Ringing
  • Seymore Butts
  • Amanda Huggenkiss

Tongue Twisters

Rather than get them to say an embarrassing or naughty word, these tongue twisters are designed to get the streamer to struggle and perhaps misread the name. Try a couple out and imagine what it might be like trying to read it aloud whilst playing a frantic game of Call of Duty.

  • thehornoftheunicorn
  • Avocadorable
  • Eddie edited it
  • So this is the sushi chef
  • Which witch is which
  • Two tried and true tridents
  • I wish to wash my Irish wristwatch
  • I saw a kitten eating chicken in the kitchen
  • A proper copper coffee pot
  • Truly rural

What makes a good bait name on Twitch?

A good bait name on Twitch needs to have a good success rate as well as the funny factor. Hugh Jazz or Dixie Normous might bring the laughs but they’re so common that they will sniffed out and won’t be read.

Names which look real, such as Ahmed Adoudi and Anita Bath, are likely to be read out as well as Mabolza Ritchie.

Equally, there are some seriously offensive bait names out there which when read out may cause some serious issues for the content creator and even yourself. Sadly, there’s a whole lot of this and there are trolls out there who’s sole purpose is to get a reaction and possibly cause the creator’s channel to be suspended. This is not cool and we don’t want them to lose partner, lose their affiliate or be banned over a silly prank.

When can you use bait names?

Bait names can be used in a few places, the first being your user name but we wouldn’t recommend that as it could be with you for a while and you might not be taken seriously.

Other places where bait names can be used on Twitch to be read out are:

  • When you follow someone and they have an alert on their overlay of the stream – better success for young channels still growing
  • When you subscribe to a channel, there may be an alert that they read out
  • When you donate. This is probably the most common place for it to be used as streamers generally do read donations out to encourage more people to do so.

Are using bait names against Twitch ToS?

Using an inappropriate user name is against the terms of service – DexertoOpens in a new tab. reporting on when this was cracked down on. So this is something you probably shouldn’t even bother to try. There are also banned words on Twitch to avoid.

As for the creator, saying offensive words by accident through bait names would be a harsh ban, but if a creator makes a habit of falling for them it could spell trouble for them.

Examples of when creators fell for bait names on Twitch

Here are some cracking videos showing streamers getting stung by quality bait names all in the spirit of fun

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