What is a Discord Kitten

Whether you like it or not, Discord kittens are a thing and it’s pretty big in certain communities and subcultures. But, it always pays to learn about things that are happening around you especially if you are a heavy Discord user and involved in internet subcultures such as streamers, internet personalities and the like.

Let’s enter the world of Discord kittens.

Discord Kitten Meaning

It is hard putting a single definition to the label Discord Kitten, the easiest way to describe the phrase is the internet/Discord version of a sugar baby (the companion of a sugar daddy). They offer submissive companionship on Discord to a dominant ‘Discord Daddy’, but it can also just be used as a playful insult – this article focused most on the former.

Sometimes the term discord kitten can be used as a meme and other times it is something that people actually do.

Self proclaimed egirls and eboys would use definitions such as kittens towards Discord members they are in a relationship with or are interested in having a relationship. Equally, it could just be used as a playful insult.

These kinds of phrases would be common in teenage Discord dating communities and romantic role playing communities.

egirl invasion discord channel
An example channel where Discord kittens would be

The kind of relationship a kitten has with a daddy can differ but in general the kitten will behave in a ‘cute’, ‘innocent’ and naïve way – the sort of person who would be completely lost without a leader in their life. Some may describe a Discord kitten’s behaviour to be ‘UwU‘ or ‘Kawaii’.

The term Discord kitten doesn’t necessarily mean they use Discord, it generally means a sugar baby who’s activities are almost exclusively online.

In contrast, the Discord daddy is a strong, wealthy and masculine leader – the wealthy part is important as Discord kittens generally expect gifts of some kind. Usually male.

This ‘relationship’ may happen in public Discord channels or in private messages. Being someone’s Discord kitten may be seen as online dating, or it may be perceived to be like that by one or both parties. Dating in Discord is most certainly a thing and you could say that kittens and daddies are an extension of that with perhaps more emphasis on role playing.

A Discord kitten is usually actually female or pretending to be female. But, not always.

In exchange for being a kitten, the Discord daddy may give gifts to their kitten such as Discord Nitro or even gift card and actual money. In other cases, a Discord kitten may just enjoy playing the character and that is enough for them.

Are Discord kittens girls?

This is a tricky one. Discord kittens are generally portrayed as girls but in reality what could be behind the keyboard is anyone’s guess. They are portrayed as girls because most Discord sugar daddies will be male (or at least portrayed as male) who seek female adoration in exchange for monetary gifts.

Not all kittens are girls and not all daddies are boys but the behaviour is definitely juvenile. Most kittens may behave in an ‘UwU way’ which itself is heavily based on girls and definitely borderline pedophilia with hints of LoliOpens in a new tab..

There is both a measure of simple online role playing between two people in this world but there is also a clear suggestion of online grooming. When it comes to Discord kitten girls they will either behave like they are underage or they will genuinely be underage and in that case it is groomingOpens in a new tab..

There’s a chance that your child may meet people online that aren’t who they say they are. Grooming is a word used to describe people befriending children in order to take advantage of them for sexual abuse and other forms of child abuse. Many parents worry about online grooming, so it’s important to talk to your children about how to stay safe.


Where did the term ‘Discord kitten’ come from?

Although the first appearance of the two words Discord and kitten together came from a SlaytypeDA tweet from 2016 it was Quackity to actually coined the term with the actual meaning it is now used commonly.

slaytypeda discord kitten

it didn’t take off until Twitch streamer QuackityOpens in a new tab. started using the phrase in 2021 somewhat ironically, when using it he emphasises how he should receive service from his “kitten”. The term already existed but Quackity (and Dream) popularised it.

What’s clear from Quackity’s use of the term is that the behaviours of Discord kittens was clearly happening at that time even if they weren’t being referred to as kittens yet.

Now, this Google trends chart clearly shows that the often referenced SlaytypeDA tweet was in fact nothing to do with the phrase as it’s now used. Beginning in 2021 the phrase was being used more and more but never has Discord kitten been as popular as it is right now with a peak in August 2022.

discord kitten google trends

What does a Discord kitten even do?

The Discord kitten’s objective is to find and please their Discord daddy in exchange for the attention or gifts that are after. The most common exchange cited across the web is for Discord nitroOpens in a new tab. but it is not unheard of for professional kittens to earn a living from becoming friendly to particularly wealthy people online.

A common activity for kittens is to simply role play as a submissive UwU girl and going the bidding of their sugar daddies.

They can do this simply by flirting with them or entering into an online relationship, the demeanour used while talking or RPing is usually considered adolescent with excessive use of cutesy language and ‘kawaii’ behaviour.

Some kittens may actually cross into the threshold of sharing real life information as proof that they are who they say they are which can lead to more lucrative rewards.

It is easy for anyone to simply pretend to be someone online and it does happen often with kittens – the term is most commonly known as catfishing.Opens in a new tab. This is not uncommon practice online and it can work both ways wherein the Discord daddy is a catfish who may be out to troll or in more serious cases grooming people with the goal of awarding gifts in exchange for pictures or videos. More on this later.

Is Discord Kittens/Discord Daddies a form of grooming?

Not necessarily, but it is a realm where it would be easy for someone to attempt to groom other people to go on and share intimate information. There are Discord dating/egirl/eboy servers who clearly state that it is toxic and use suggestive emoticons in the description. For potential groomers out there it is sadly an open door for them in some darker corners of Discord.

Moreover, grooming doesn’t just mean underage girls, adults can also be groomed especially those with mental health issues and trauma. After all, Discord daddies just want to be loved and Discord kittens just want to love (and get rewards).

Being a daddy or a kitten doesn’t mean anything criminal going on but equally there will be instances where grooming has taken place.

Is Kitten a slur?

The world discord kitten could be seen as a slur depending on the context, calling someone a DK could be interpreted in the same way as calling someone a “simp”. But, in reality calling someone a discord kitten is a playful trolling at best.

Are there Discord Kitten servers?

egirl paradise discord server

There are some servers which directly attract Discord Kittens such as this oneOpens in a new tab. but the most obvious ones are in the dating categoryOpens in a new tab., role playing categoryOpens in a new tab., anime categoryOpens in a new tab. and categories marked as E-girl such as paradiseOpens in a new tab..

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