Clint Stevens

Clint Stevens is an American internet personality who is a full time streamer on Twitch and YouTube along with a large social media following. Although he is a variety streamer of late, Clint has earned a reputation as one of the most popular Nintendo and Zelda streamers and speedrunners in the world.

We’re going to answer questions such as how old is Clint Stevens, how tall he is and how come he keeps disappearing?!

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Clint Stevens Streamer History

Clint started streaming on Twitch March 25th, 2015 making his account age 7 years old. This is relatively young considering the retro games he is most known by, however as he is quite young (24) meaning he will have started his Twitch career when he was 16-17.

Clint was almost immediately popular when he started streaming and by 2016 had up to 3k viewers per stream, a feat most new streamers take years (if ever) to get to. He is a confident and engaged streamer with a bonus of actually being very good at what he plays.

As previously mentioned, Clint in known as a Nintendo streamer specialising in retro on titles such as Legend of Zelda titles Ocarina of Time (one of the most popular games to speed run), Wind Waker, Breath of the Wild and A Link to the Past and Mario titles Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 8 and Odyssey.

Such as his skill, Clint was once a World Record speerunner for Ocarina of Time in 2015 with his amazing 100% 4 hour run. However, he is not a hardcore speed runner with several categories under his belt.Opens in a new tab. But, he did upload a new run to only a few months ago in the 120 star category.

He has been heavily linked with speedrunning communities for years and has been present at GDQ in the past, although he has now been banned for unknown reasons. He took part in PACE 2020.

Its worth noting that he is a much larger streamer than most people who go to and run in GDQ – he didn’t need the exposure and is most likely not bothered about the event.

Much of his content for many years were Nintendo speed run related but he has branched out a lot more into variety streaming as well as a social media presence. He takes part in races and still does speedrunning streams but they are much more lighthearted now with more community engagement.

What is most certainly notable about his Twitch streams is that they are hugely popular but sporadic with frequent large periods of inactivity more so since 2021. This is completely normal for a young 24 year old streamer with a sudden amount of wealth and everything that comes with it. You can see the periods of inactivity in the chart below.

clint stevens inactivity

Clint is a hugely popular streamer with a massive and engaged community which covers not just Twitch but his Twitter, Subreddit and YouTube channels. He is charismatic and well versed in internet memes and the nerdy side of the internet in general. He really is well liked.

Clint Stevens Streamer and Social Stats

Supplementary stats of Clint’s from around the web.


542k followers and 4,000+ average viewers is very respectable for someone who often speedruns and streams retro games. It is not the most popular category which is testament to his friendly and fun personality.

Average Viewers4,400
Peak Viewers21,316
Hours Streamed5,200


He has a YouTube channelOpens in a new tab., TwitterOpens in a new tab. and an InstagramOpens in a new tab.. He is not terribly active on any of these apart from YouTube.

Twitter Followers99,400
YouTube Followers229,000
Most YT Viewed Video Views2,000,000
Instagram Followers29,600

Clint Stevens Biography

Clint Stevens is from the United States of America, specifically South Carolina. During his early days he would live and stream in his parents house and help them pay the rent. Clint Stevens is his real name and not an alias. He has a sister called Katie.

He briefly moved to LA around 4 years ago for 6 months before moving back to his parent’s place in SC. He now lives and streams from a US territory but outside of the mainland which could be Puerto Rico or Hawaii, who knows.

where does clint stevens live

Clint Stevens Age

Clint Stevens birthday is January 19th, 1998 which makes him 24 years old. Interestingly, this also makes him a Capricorn for those into that sort of thing.

clint stevens age birthday

Clint Stevens Sister

Clint’s sister is Katie and although she is not a streamer herself she has often appeared on his streams and is quite popular with his community. Here’s an example of her playing geoguessr live.

How tall is Clint Stevens?

Clint Stevens is 5 feet 8 inches tall, or 173 cm.

Why does Clint Stevens keep disappearing?

Clint does regularly disappear from Twitch can be inactive for up to a month. There is a different reason each time, mostly real life stuff. As Clint is only 24 years of age its reasonable to assume he is going through stuff young people generally do.

Another reason which pops up from time to time is a recurring stomach problem which he discusses here, this seems to have been made better. He also discussed having a bad mindset sometimes which he takes a break from Twitch to deal with – this does cause him to lose some subs as he also candidly talks about.

Secondly, Clint has moved out of his parents to LA once which caused some downtime, as was the return home 6 months later. Recently, he has moved to an US territory which again caused some downtime which he explained in a tweet.

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