CarcinogenSDA, often stylised Carci, is a prominent figure in the Resident Evil community who streams on Twitch as well as uploaded clips on YouTube. He is quite active on and has posted several ranking runs as well as moderating some of the games.

Carci is one of my favourite content creators and I have been following his content for many years so it was a pleasure to write this article on Streamer Tactics.

Streamer Biography

CarcinogenSDA hails from California and resides in New York. Although he streams and plays a lot of different games, Resident Evil/Biohazard is definitely his niche.

Little is known about his personal life, and he doesn’t share too much on stream either, but what we can gather is that he is dedicated and very serious about his craft which you can see clearly in his content.

He appears to live alone with his cat Yungp00s and is without a girlfriend currently.

He has been a member of for 7 years, has been on SpeedDemosArchive (SDA) since at least 2012 and streaming on Twitch since 2010 and was there at the first ever AGDQ. This makes him quite a veteran in the streaming scene.

Rather than just stream the games or play them quickly, CarcinogenSDA has made a name for himself explaining the mechanics of the game, creating helpful guides and exploring the role – something many other streamers don’t.

Whenever someone asks for recommended Resident Evil streamers, he always comes up.

He has a penchant for things Japanese and comes across as someone with a good grasp of the language and the culture. His demeanour can come across as prickly or blunt at times with his temper being volatile depending on the situation, some have speculated he is autistic while he himself has wondered if he has Asperger’s due to his volatile reactions on Twitter.

He has been on CNNOpens in a new tab., explaining streaming when it was still in its infancy.

This has helped him get to where he is today as one of the go-to RE Twitch streamers who still produces original and quality content for games which have been out since the mid 90s.

Perhaps Carcinogen’s finest streaming moment was in AGDQ 2018. Here’s the clip.

CarcinogenSDA Streamer Stats

Please not that these stats are correct at publication but can change quickly.


Carci streams mostly on Twitch, with this being his bread and butter.

Joined TwitchAugust 22nd, 2010
Twitch Followers128,000
Twitch Subscriptions428
Twitch Average Viewers603
Twitch Total Views8.5 M

Carci’s followers have been steadily growing since he started streaming in 2010 but his average viewers have sadly been waning, this can be attributed to Twitch gaining more content creators and the niche he is in getting more popular on top.

Although Carci’s content is top notch, he has not changed his style or production quality which has potentially meant that other similar streaming have attracted his viewership. More on this later.

Social Media

Carcinogen has accounts for the mainstream social media platforms, however it is his YouTube channel that is most popular in part to his stream clips he uploads and Twitter is where she shares his various opinions on speedruns, resident evil, politics and life as a streamer.

His most popular video at time of writing was his Resident Evil 7 mMadhouse no damage run with 3.2m views.

Twitter Followers13.5k
Instagram Followers2.7k
YouTube Subscribers208k

Carcinogen has various account on social media but he isn’t particularly active or responsive on either, going so far as to state that he does not respond to direct messages on InstagramOpens in a new tab.. However, he is fairly active on forums and DiscordOpens in a new tab., and will respond to some comments on YouTubeOpens in a new tab..

Personal biography

Carcinogen does not share much about his personal life but does share his opinions on various matters on Twitter.

carcinogensda on real names

He was born January 4, 1986 which makes him 34 as of 2022.

He is a smoker and a vaper, suggesting the former helped for him his name.

He is not religious, going as far as to criticise religions as a whole saying “Religion was invented by people to control others and keep us fucking stupid”.

Politically, it is unclear which party he supports but it is not Republican, but he has no love for Biden, either. It is suggested he is a liberal.

He is for trans rights calling them “human rights” as well as gay rights. He is pro-vaccine and crucial of antivaxxers. He is a supporter of Black Lives Matter and a critic of American Police brutality.


As of October 2021, he no longer has a girlfriend, who it is suggested cheated on him. He has previously dated horror writer and New Yorker Jenne. They both shared a love of horror games and cats.

Many people speculate that CarcinogenSDA is gay but there’s nothing to suggest this and either way what would it matter.

Carci’s Sponsors


Carci is a part of the Beastcoast Twitch team.


Carcinogen has been sponsored by California based cannabis delivery company EazeOpens in a new tab..

Soso Sake

California based Soso Sake have sponsored Carcinogen.

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How did he get his name?

It is unknown. However, he is/has been a keen cigarette smoker and it could have been for that reason. The SDA part of his name is from the old Speed Demos Archives making his user name in effect just “Carcinogen”.

How tall is CarcinogenSDA?

CarcinogenSDA is 6 feet tall.


CarcinogenSDA doesn’t cause much controversy himself but does seem to attract and react to it quite easily, which has taken its toll on his mental health over the years.

The biggest drama Carci has been involved in is with a rivalry which turned a little nasty for him in recent years with fellow Resident Evil streamer, Bawkbasoup.

At first, Carci helped Canadian streamer Bawkbasoup (real name Lucas Thompson) with some technical questions surrounding capture cards for an N64.

carcinogensda bawkbasoup drama

CarcinogenSDA also helped Bawk become a mod in 2015.

On closer inspection, you can now see that Carci has blocked Bawk on Twitter.

Bawk is a relatively new streamer in comparison to Carci, in 2016 Bawk had 12k followers and average viewers of 166 whereas Carci had 50k and an average viewership of 391.

Fast forward to now and Carci has 128k followers and 347 average viewers to Bawk’s 144k followers and 1,900 average viewers. Quite the shift.

The drama stems from the clash of personalities between the two and subsequently a shift in viewers, Bawk is a showman – very charismatic, sociable and works on his brand hard. Carci on the other hand, is precise, blunt and cares more about his content than perhaps growing as a channel.

But, it has been sad to see some of the outbursts from a creator who has done so much good.

Carcinogen’s average viewers dropped concurrently as Bawk’s increased, heavily implying the viewers had changed teams. This is backed up also from very similar timezones.

The games they play are near identical and for those looking for a Resident Evil stream may have had to choose between one and the other. This was hard to watch as someone who is very fond of Carci.

carcinogen bawkbasoup rant

Unfortunately, this was understandably tough on CarcinogenSDA who would tragically rant on Twitter a lot during this time.

It unfortunately resulted in a CarcinogenSDA meltdown in 2019.

carcinogensda meltdown
carcinogen bawi drama twitter

Although minor, Carcinogen was also involved in the drama surrounding Calebhart getting banned from GDQ – Caleb sent him a racist message and many denounced Carci for not calling him out in its usage. Caleb received a Twitch ban for the word whilst Carci’s reputation took a slight hit.

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