Is Vaping On Twitch Allowed

Vaping is an alternative to smoking and at its peak of popularity right now. As the vape being blown out doesn’t destroy a room’s smell or indeed pose a fire risk it is something many vapers would do while they are playing games.

Playing games and vaping alone is one thing but what about vaping while streaming on Twitch? Is this allowed? And if it is allowed, should you?

There’s a lot of conflicting opinions online about it and a surprising lack of information from Twitch HQ themselves. We break it down for you for a definitive answer.

Are you allowed to vape on Twitch?

Yes, you can vape on Twitch. Vaping on twitch is neither allowed nor disallowed as the Terms of ServiceOpens in a new tab. do not make any mention of it. It is against the ToS to conduct illegal activities on stream so as long as you are of legal age to stream in the country or state you’re in, you’re good to vape on your Twitch stream.

However, we did find some wording in the Community GuidelinesOpens in a new tab. which could mean that vaping shouldn’t be allowed but is, similar to smoking and drinking alcohol. The wording goes:

Harming yourself, or discussing self-harm recklessly, can be dangerous for not only yourself but for viewers and those around you.

Twitch Community Guidelines

Because although vaping is better than smokingOpens in a new tab., it is still not healthy.

and the second is

Twitch prohibits any content or activity that endangers youth.

Twitch Community Guidelines

We interpreted this as glorifying vaping to young audiences, who then take up the habit.

Therefore, we would say that Twitch turns a blind eye to vaping on stream so long as it isn’t glorified (streamers encouraging people to vape) and the mature content filter is on.

Should you vape on stream?

There are a lot of things people could do on stream but don’t. Is vaping one of them? We think so, and here’s why.

Seeing someone vape on stream can be off putting for viewers, even ones who may vape themselves. It can be considered rude for someone to vape next to you in real life and the same can be said during a Twitch stream.

Some people may not mind it but when you are actively trying to grow on Twitch you want to encourage was many viewers as possible to stick around. Why take the risk and lose viewers over something you can do off camera or during breaks?

Vaping and vape trick channels are simply non-existent on Twitch, which should give you a clue on its popularity.

Secondly, the noise. Vape kits make a noise which is relatively low in person but over a microphone it is clearly audible and a little annoying.

People who vape, avoid vaping on stream if they’re on camera and will do during breaks. Or they’ll turn off the camera and mute mic and then chase the clouds. Just notice how few people do it or even how few people who smoke just don’t on a stream. It’s courteous not to.

Can you get banned for vaping on Twitch?

It is extremely unlikely that someone will be banned for vaping on twitch, as it is something which is allowed and not included in the ToS or community guidelines as long as you are legally allowed to vape in your country or state.

However, if you were to make false claims on the effects of vaping (as in, say it is healthy) or try and encourage under age people to vape, then yes it could lead to a suspension. Secondly, if you were to abuse the vape and run the risk of harming yourself then it could lead to a ban – overheating the battery, gurgling the toxic liquid etc.

Can you advertise vapes on Twitch?

No, you can’t advertise vapes or vaping liquid on your Twitch stream. This is listed in Twitch’s advertorial policy hereOpens in a new tab..

Tobacco or tobacco-related products, including e-cigarettes

Prohibited content, products and services, Twitch Advertising Policy

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