Can You Stream 1440p on Twitch

With internet speeds going up it is much easier than ever to both watch and stream HD, QHD and UHD content online. The likes of YouTube and Netflix are already way ahead with enhanced resolutions but is it the same with Twitch? Can you stream or find streams in 1440p resolution? Let’s find out.

What is 1440p resolution?

1440p resolution, also known as Quad HD or 2K (QHD) (not to be confused with 4k) resolution, is a display resolution of typically 2560 x 1440 pixels but also 3440×1440 on ultra wide TVs and monitors.

It is called Quad or 2K because it is double the resolution of 720p which is “high definition”. 1080p is “Full high definition”.

This resolution is considered to be a step above 1080p (Full HD) and below 4K (UHD) resolution. The aspect ratio of 1440p resolution is 16:9, which is the same as 1080p and 720p. With a higher resolution, 1440p displays have more pixels per inch, which results in sharper and more detailed images. This makes it a popular choice for gaming and video editing, as well as for streaming movies and TV shows.

Resolution difference between 1440p and 1080p

To calculate the difference in width between these two resolutions, we can divide the difference in the horizontal resolution (2560-1920) by the horizontal resolution of 1080p, and then multiply by 100 to get a percentage. This gives us a 33.33% increase in width from 1080p to 1440p.

To calculate the difference in height, we can do the same calculation using the vertical resolution. This gives us a 37.5% increase in height from 1080p to 1440p.

So in conclusion, 1440p resolution provides a 33.33% increase in width and 37.5% increase in height compared to 1080p resolution.

Can you stream in 1440p (2K) on Twitch?

You can stream in 1440p by simply changing the setting in OBS (and others) like this:

If the game and your PC/console supports 1440p then you can stream it full screen.

You then have two choices, you can play the games in 2k resolution but output a different resolution (720p is popular as it is exactly half a 2k resolution). There is also the fps to consider, 1440p at 60 frames per second is intense for the streamers computer and it will also be intense for the viewers internet connection. We’ll get into this later.

Or you can stream in 2K 1440p resolution and your streamers can then watch it in this resolution or adjust it themselves using the built in quality option.

Auto will match the viewers internet connection to the best resolution for that bitrate.

Bitrate difference in a 1440p resolution vs others

Streaming in 2k while gorgeous to look at and clearly better than 1080p is intense. It is unlike watching a 4k movie or YouTube video as the file is only going one stream. A 2k stream needs to be uploaded live and then downloaded live.

The bitrate difference between 1440p 2k and 1080p is double. You would be looking at maintaining a 9k bitrate at the very least, up to 13,000 if you want to stream 1440p60 on Twitch.

Should you stream in 1440p on Twitch?

Streaming in 1440p resolution can be a great way to improve the overall viewing experience for your audience, as it offers sharper and more detailed images than 1080p resolution. However, there are some important considerations to keep in mind before making the switch.

One of the main drawbacks of streaming in 1440p resolution is that it is more demanding on both your internet connection and your streaming equipment. Streaming in 1440p resolution requires a fast and stable internet connection, as well as a powerful computer or streaming device to handle the increased resolution. If your internet connection or equipment is not up to par, you may experience stuttering or frame drops during your stream.

Another consideration is that not all of your viewers may be able to take advantage of the increased resolution. Streaming in 1440p resolution requires a larger screen and more powerful hardware to fully appreciate the resolution. Additionally, streaming in 1440p resolution uses more data than streaming in 1080p, which could be an issue for viewers with limited data plans.

If your viewers do not have a TV/monitor which supports 2K then they won’t benefit from these. Although 2K is a step up, many will be more than happy with 1080p or may just straight to 4K instead.

With that being said, if you are a streamer who wants to improve the overall viewing experience for your audience and you have the necessary equipment and internet connection, it might be worth trying to stream in 1440p resolution. However, keep in mind that it is intensive, and it might not be suitable for all your audience, it’s important to monitor your stream and gather feedback from your viewers.

In short, streaming in 1440p resolution can be a great way to improve the viewing experience for your audience, but it is more demanding on your equipment and internet connection and not all viewers may be able to take advantage of the increased resolution. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons and consider your audience’s preferences before making the switch.

We recommend ultimately to play the game in 2k for yourself, but stream in a lower resolution such as 864p or 720p which will be less intense for you and your viewers.

Why aren’t there many 2k 1440p streams on Twitch?

If you’ve just upgraded your PC, laptop or TV to 2k or above you might be keen to watch some streams that can take advantage of it. You might be a little disappointed.

It has not been fully adopted as of yet because many prefer to stream 1080p and 60 frames per second, rather than 1440p at 30 frames per second. The jump to 2k 60fps is a big one in terms of CPU intensity and bitrate management.

Currently, most people are happy with 1080p and the urgency to step up just isn’t there yet on both sides. This isn’t to say that there aren’t any 2k streams on Twitch but there aren’t a lot.

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