Can You See Who Watched VODs

Twitch itself and a whole host of third party tools can provide a whole host of analytics for those looking to grow their channel. Today, we’re going to look at VODs and whether or not the viewers ho watch them are recorded and if you can actually see this list.

Can You See A Viewer List For past videos/VODs

The short answer is no. Once a broadcast has ended and been uploaded to Twitch there are no more tools running and rather than a live stream connection the user is streaming a file. Twitch of course can see what VODs logged in viewers have watched but information does not get passed on to the content creator.

This applies to highlights, clips and reruns.

In fact, when it comes to VODs there aren’t a massive amount of analytics available outside of just view numbers which are a sum of live + VOD views.

Are there any tools so you can see VOD viewers?

There are no tools which will let streamers see who viewed old streams. This is because there are no tools involved when the stream is not live so there is nothing to capture that data.

Why doesn’t Twitch give this information?

Being able to see your view list on a live stream is appropriate as its a community and it can help the streamer spot the VIPs, moderators, subscribers, donators and everything else and make them feel welcome.

However, once the broadcast is over there is no engagement because its been and it could be seen as an invasion of privacy for their habits to be shared by others. It is the same with YouTube videos – imagine if someone had a list of everything you’ve ever watched there?

What would you do with this information?

It’s important to remember that old videos do not last long on the platform and are not there forever, anyway. Twitch wants to promote live streaming the most – YouTube is the best place for your previous broadcasts to remain forever.

If you had a list of VOD viewers – what would you want to do with it? This is an interesting debate – if you saw a recurring VOD viewer would you message them to ask to follow or subscribe? This could be seen as an invasion of privacy in the same way as cold calling or emailing spamming.

A legitimate want would be to see what times these viewers watch to see if you could reschedule your stream to cater for these people. After all, live viewers are the ones who engage and support the stream the most.

If you wanted to see viewer list in your own old video to take retrospective action on some bad behaviour then having a bot record Twitch chat logs is the better option.

Lastly, would you want to check the old stream viewer list against a twitch view bot detector to see if they’re genuine or not.

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