Can You Rewind A Twitch Stream

There’s nothing worse than going to the toilet or grabbing a snack and coming back knowing you’ve missed something big in a Twitch livestream. Perhaps it was the sort of thing you’d have taken a clip of. Or maybe the streamer told a cracking joke and you can tell it was a good one from the activity in chat.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just press rewind on the stream and catch up?

Well, hear we discuss whether or not you can rewind on Twitch, how to do it and any other alternate ways to capture missed moments from your favourite creators.

Does Twitch have a rewind feature?

Unfortunately, Twitch does not have a rewind feature for livestreams. There’s no way to back in time while they are still live.

When you pause a stream and come back it jumps to where it currently is, albeit with the normal slight delay.

This means that if you’ve missed the moment you won’t be able to watch it again unless someone has uploaded a clip of the moment and when the streamer has uploaded the VOD.

So, even though you can’t rewind on Twitch there are still plenty of ways you can watch the moment you wanted to rewind to either with clips or VODs. Here’s how.

How to rewind and watch previously recorded streams from Twitch


By using the clips featureOpens in a new tab. you can capture up to 60 seconds of previous broadcast footage into the clip. This technically means if you take a clip as soon as you want to rewind then you can watch the footage back which works almost like a rewind button except it’s limited to 60 seconds and the creator needs to have clips enabled.

Creating clips is easy, just press the clip button on the bottom right of the stream.

clips button twitch

Which then opens up a new tab and allows you to back 60s from when the clip button was pressed.

clips 60seconds

Watch the VODs

If a streamer has VODs enabled, the video of the current stream will be available during the broadcast so you can skip straight to what you just missed. This is as close to a rewind as it can get outside of the clips method.

vol of live broadcast

Notice here how SuperKingAndy is both live and has a VOD watchable from only 19 minutes ago. This means that if I missed something important I can watch it by going into his videos and playing the latest VOD. Easy!

Waiting for the stream to finish and the VOD to be uploaded is another way to technically rewind by just rewatching the parts you missed. This is reliant on the fact that the streamer has VODs enabled. Streamers won’t know who watched their VODs so it is totally anonymous.


Although Twitch doesn’t have a built in rewind feature, Twitch still provide plenty of ways for you to catch anything you may have missed. Clips can be used to go back 60 seconds, and VODs can be used to skip to the part you want. However, if the content creator has either or both of these options disabled you might not be able to if they haven’t uploaded the stream to another platform such as YouTube.

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