Best MMORPGs on Twitch

MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) have been massive since the the early 52k modems and games such as Neverwinter Nights came onto the scene. As internet speeds increased as well as home computing power they soon took over to global popularity, particular with the release of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft in 2004.

With Twitch’s popularity, MMOs can be enjoyed even if you don’t want to play – you can simply watch it live. They’re great games to watch and still great games to stream if you’re looking to find the perfect MMO to get into with a half decent chance of ‘making it’.

In this article we break down the biggest and most popular MMORPGs on Twitch.

Twitch MMORPGs Ranked

The following table looks at the top 12 MMORPGs which are regularly streamed on Twitch with their vital metrics.

Although there are clear takeaways from the average viewers and average channels streaming that game, the most interesting statistics for those looking to grow on Twitch is the average views per channel they get – this can be a good indication of whether that MMO is over saturated or not.

Followers is included but this is not an indication of engagement, many Twitch users including myself will just follow every game we’ve ever played but never actually watch it.

Some games are hard to get into for new streamers because there are so many people already streaming it and the views are spread thinly between them all. Secondly, the ‘last peak’ column looks at how long ago the game had its peak viewers; the further back in time the more ‘stale’ the game is.

GameFollowersAverage ViewersAverage ChannelsViewers per channelLast PeakBiggest Streamer
World of Warcraft9,900,00038000103737August 2019Sodapoppin
Lost Ark1,300,0001480036840February 2022ZealsAmbitions
Old School Runescape1,200,000890014761December 2018b0aty
New World600,000800024533September 2021King Gothalion
Albion Online466,000748270107July 2017Fakturka
Final Fantasy XIV1,700,000488043711July 2021stylishnoob4
Tibia925,000430019123November 2019xpedrolucas
Sea of Thieves3,100,000370022317January 2018summit1g
Lineage 2204,00028107979March 2021i_whynot
Elder Scrolls Online1,400,00013008415January 2019LuckyGhost
Path of Exile2,800,00012655921April 2021Mathil1
Guild Wars 2650,00010006017August 2017MightyTeapot

Best MMORPGs on Twitch

The following is a more detailed description of the MMORPGs being streamed on Twitch.

World of Warcraft

world of warcraft

Make no mistake, WoW is still the king of Twitch MMOs by a country mile with more than double the average viewers than lost Ark and over 1,000 channels streaming the game at any given time. However, the views per channel is pretty average so a tough game to crack for new streamers. The last peak for WoW was August 2019, thats a few years now but considering this game launched in 2004 it is not bad at all.

It is a fairly accessible game to get into whether you play the latest version or WoW classic. To make a success you’ll need to be good at the game and have decent connections in the form of clans and so on. With almost 10 million followers it is certainly still of interest.

The game’s biggest streamer, Sodapoppin, has a colossal 8 million followers with zackrawrr being one of the most watched.

Lost Ark

lost ark

Amazon’s Lost ArkOpens in a new tab. was released in 2019 and very quickly established itself as one of the best modern MMO RPGs to date and one of the most popular on Twitch with over 10,000 average viewers and over 300 channels at any given time streaming this game.

There are currently 1,300,000 Twitch users following this game.

It has slightly higher viewers per channel than WoW but its most recent peak was February of 2022 meaning it is still quite big and not at the point of stagnation – a good MMO to get into for new streamers.

Lost Ark was a bit of a risk by the developers with a massive budget behind it, but it stayed the course and pulled it off. Lost Ark doesn’t do much different from what’s currently out there but the combat system and PvE elements have received praise. It is one of the most played games on Steam as well as Twitch.

Some of the big names from other MMOs have thrown their weight towards Lost Ark which helped it along a lot, such as Sodapoppin, Asmongold and Lacari. ZealsAmbition is the streamer who is most watched with DatModz and 다주 (dda_ju) with the most followers.

Old School Runescape

old school RuneScape

RuneScape was originally released in 2001 as a browser based MMO RPG, it has been updated several times over the years. Old School RuneScapeOpens in a new tab. sometimes called 2007scape is an exact copy (albeit updated) of the game from 2007. It is now the most popular free to play MMO, ever. Despite being ancient, it is one of the most popular RPGs on Twitch with an incredibly impressive number of average viewers and viewers per channel.

RuneScape’s biggest streamer is b0atyOpens in a new tab. who has 500,000 followers.

OSRS is a hard game to get into but plenty of interest from nostalgia seekers – its high views per channel makes it a good opportunity for new streamers to get into.

New World

new world

New World Opens in a new another Amazon backed MMO which is set in the seventeenth century with emphasis on open world exploration, team work and… colonisation. Released in 2021 it is one of the newest MMORPGs on the market but early signs do show its popular despite middling review scores.

New World has 600,000 followers.

New World does have a high number of average viewers but a low number of viewers per channel suggesting viewerships are hoarded but a small number, presumable streamers who have been handpicked or sponsored by Amazon to play it.

Its one of the most popular but a tough nut for new streamers to start with. The biggest New World Twitch content creator is KingGothalionOpens in a new tab. with just under a million followers.

Albion Online

albion online

Albion Online is a sandbox MMO without the rigid structure of its competitors. It is similar in style to Old School RuneScape and to be honest we’re surprised at how popular it is. However, considering it is free to play and not demanding on PC performance it is one of the most accessible MMOs and popular to play in poorer communities or countries.

It has gone back and forth in terms of being free to play, currently it is free and because of that it has earned a high spot on the list of the biggest MMORPGs on Twitch. Currently it gets around 7,400 average viewers and average viewers per channel of 107 which is one of the highest.

As such, Albion Online is one of the best MMORPGs for new Twitch streamers as the viewers are not hoarded but a small selection of streamers. Albion’s biggest streamer is Fakturka who has 50k followers – quite low for the biggest!

Final Fantasy XIV


The Final Fantasy series is one of the most notable and respected RPGs in the world of gaming, XIVOpens in a new tab. is Square’s second (or third?) attempt at an MMO finally getting it right with A Realm Reborn which was a rebooted version of the failed original from 2011.

FFXIV commands 1.7 million followers on Twitch.

FF15 is similar to World of Warcraft with players joining clans and slaying monsters in raids. The difference being that familiar monsters, weapons and Easter eggs from the FF series are drawn in.

It is a paid game with subscriptions meaning it directly competes with the likes of WoW but has a clear disadvantage when compared to others. Despite this, FFXIV has some impressive numbers with 4,900 average viewers but 11 viewers per channel – this means that viewers are hoarded by a small number of streamers. This makes FFXIV a hard game to get into for new streamers.

FFXIV’s biggest streamer is stylishnoob4 Opens in a new tab.with 903k followers.



TibiaOpens in a new tab. is an enduring massively multiplayer online role playing game having been released in 1997. It is a top down, pixel art style RPG with text base elements reminiscent of very early offline RPGs. It is free to play but it certainly has many pay to win elements.

With 4,300 average viewers Tibia is one of the most impressive games as it clearly doesn’t have the budget of WoW and Amazon backed MMOs. But, it is a niche game with a low average views per channel making it a tough game to grow on Twitch with.

Its biggest streamer is xpedrolucasOpens in a new tab. with 155k followers.

Sea of Thieves

sea of thieves

Sea of Thieves is a pirate based action game with MMO features. Developed by Microsoft it is their unique attempt at getting a slice of the MMO pie, and they’ve done quite well with it. A well received game with fun mechanics and definitely a different slant to the other MMOs out there which are always land based.

3,100,000 Twitch users currently follow this game but not too much are engaged when compared to others with less followers but more viewers.

Sea of ThievesOpens in a new tab. gets around 3,700 average viewers on Twitch but a lowly 17 viewers per channel making it a hard game to get going for new streamers. SoT’s biggest streamer on Twitch could be seen as summit1gOpens in a new tab. with 6 million followers but he is a variety streamer. A more dedicated streamer is BoxyFresh with 128k followers.

Lineage 2

lineage 2

Lineage 2Opens in a new tab. is one of the more engaging MMOs on Twitch as it has a relatively low number of followers (204,000) to its average viewers (2,810). With a very high viewers per channel, Lineage 2 stream viewers are spread across and could be a good in for new streamers.

It is a Korean fantasy MMO with a distinct anime-style aesthetic which itself is a draw for many viewers and content creators. It is also free to play which has always proven to be a huge advantage in terms of attracting players and viewers alike.

Its biggest streamer is i_whynot Opens in a new tab.with 50k followers.

Elder Scrolls Online

elder scrolls online

Elder Scrolls Online was a titan on its release in 2014 but has waned a bit now being overtaken by new releases whilst heavyweights such as WoW held on. It still has an active player base with 1,300 average viewers on Twitch but this is a tiny number compared to its 1,400,000 followers – ones who presumably never unfollowed when they moved on.

However, with 84 average viewers per channel it could be an in for new streamers but always a risk when you start playing a game which is in the middle of a downturn.

ESO’s biggest streamer is LuckyGhostOpens in a new tab. with 84k followers.

Path of Exile

path of exile

Path of ExileOpens in a new tab. is a “free-to-play persistent online action MMO” released in 2017 which still holds a lot of attention on Twitch but is definitely in a downward trend when you look at its massive amount of followers (2,800,000) but low number of average viewers in comparison.

Possibly a good game to get into with Path of Exile 2 being in Beta. Get enough of a following on this and you could rise the crest of the new launch wave when the time comes.

Its biggest streamer is Mathil1Opens in a new tab. with 353k followers.

Guild Wars 2

guild wars 2

Guild Wars 2Opens in a new tab. is free to play and has a healthy community behind it in a rather competitive niche. It has all the ingredients but nothing that stands out on its own which has always left it on the fringe. 650,000 followers is a decent amount but the current game is now a little old and it shows in its average viewers.

With rumours of a Guild Wars 2 coming by 2024 it could be a good time to get in now and then enjoy the launch wave that comes after it.

Its biggest streamer is MightyTeapotOpens in a new tab. with 77k followers.

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