Best Green Screen For Streaming

Looking to improve the quality of your Twitch stream by removing the background of your webcam? You’ll be needing a green screen. We’ve done all of the hard work for you and have narrowed down a list of the best green screens for Twitch streaming.

1. Elgato Green Screen Collapsible Chroma Key Panel

Elgato Green Screen


  • Super easy to set up.
  • Roll-out fabric with metal ‘X’ frame makes it easy to pack away.
  • Fresh green color is easy to chroma key.


  • No option for a blue screen
  • Expensive VS rivals.
  • Not wide enough for two people to fit within the frame.

Elgato are behind some of the very best products for live streamers, such as the Stream Deck. They’re also owned by Corsair, so they know their stuff.

This green screen does everything you need it to. It’s simple to put up thanks to the roll-out fabric attached to a sturdy pneumatic ‘x’ frame which is stabilized with the help of feet attached to the bottom of the case.

Once you’re done, simply retract the screen, rolling it back into the aluminum case ready for storage. This is perfect if you stream from your bedroom as you don’t have to mess around deconstructing a metal frame, not to mention the amount of space you’ll save.

The green screen its-self is made from a premium blend of wrinkle-resistant polyester, so it’s more than wide enough to cover the space behind your gaming chair and much easier to chroma key.

This Elgato model is much handier than a traditional collapsible green screen with stand because it’s simply less hassle overall. If this is going to be your first green screen, it’s likely going to be your last as you’ll have no reason to buy anything else, this is hands down the best green screen for streaming providing you don’t need the same scale as streamers like Dr. Disrespect.

If you’re looking to install a more permanent setup, a wall-mounted version of this green screen is also available hereOpens in a new tab..

Product Specification

Dimensions: w x h (Extended):148 x 180 cm / 58.27 x 70.87 inches
Dimensions w x h x d (Collapsed):148 x 10,5 cm x 11,5 cm / 64.76 x 4.13 x 4.53 inches
Weight:9.3 kg / 20.5 lb
Material:100% Polyester (Dacron by DuPont)

2. Webaround Portable Webcam Background Chroma Key Green Screen

Webaround Green Screen


  • Simple yet effective.
  • No mess.
  • Easily portable.


  • May not be suitable for your chair.
  • Reportedly annoying to fold back up.
  • You’ll have to be positioned closer to your webcam, or zoom in.

Webaround offer a slightly more unique proposition compared to the other best green screens, This one attaches right on to your chair by a Velcro strap.

You’ll have to position your webcam closer towards you or zoom in if you’re positioned too far away, though the green screen is fairly large in size, 56 inches to be precise.

Some users have reported issues when using a slanted chair however it’s the lighting that would cause interruption to the green screens display rather than the product itself.

Another gripe is that it’s a pain to fold away – a bit like a child’s tent, in that if your fingers slip while folding it up, it’ll fire back open.

Other than that, it’s actually a really solid product and will happily tide you over until you want to move on to something bigger, you don’t always need to opt for big name products, especially when a green screen is essentially just a piece of green fabric, with the only real changing factor being convenience and the way in which it’s erected.

Product Specification

Dimensions:56 x 1 x 56 inches
Weight:1.8 pounds
Material:Neoprene & Nylon

3. Neewer Background Stand Support System With Backdrop (White, Black, Green)


  • It comes with a complete kit.
  • Contains two extra screens, Black & White.
  • Huge screen means you won’t have to adjust your webcam to hide unwanted background space.


  • More hassle to assemble compared to other green screens.
  • You’ll need an adequate lighting setup to evenly distribute light as it’s a larger screen.
  • Requires a lot of space.

This green screen by Neewer offers a complete kit for those that don’t want to go right for the higher end products nor an entry level setup.

It’s an excellent middle ground and is one of the more traditional style of green screens used for photography, in that it’s simply a metal stand which holds the green sheet by a series of clamps.

With larger screens such as this, the material has potential to pick up a few creases during shipping, so you may not be able to use it right away depending on the positioning of the screen in relation to the subject (AKA you) and your camera. Nothing a quick iron or steam won’t sort!

Speaking of the material, this doesn’t just come with a green screen. You’ll also get additional black and white screens which will enable you to do some of your own photography for things like merchandise or social media content.

We also reviewed another product by Neewer in our review on the best ring light for streaming, with their product being decidedly the best choice.

Product Specification

Stand Dimensions:8.5 ft x 10 ft / 2.6 m x 3 m (Height) x (Width)
Stand Material:Aluminum alloy
Green Screen Dimensions:6 ft x 9 ft / 1.8 m x 2.8 m (Height) x (Width)
Green Screen Material:Muslin

4. Fancierstudio Chromakey Green / Blue Collapsible Backdrop


Cheap and cheerful.

Highly portable.



Doesn’t come with a stand.

There’s an art to folding it back up.

This green screen from Fancierstudio is one of the cheaper products available to Twitch streamers. It’s a single unit green screen with two sides, one green and the other blue.

What sets it apart is that it’s made to be portable, meaning not only is it less hassle to assemble / disassemble than other green screens, you’ll also be able to use it to stream anywhere you like or even use it for your merchandise (or personal) photography.

The downside with the Fancierstudio screen is that it doesn’t come with a stand to hold it up. Other products in its class usually offer the likes of a metal stand or clamps to keep the green screen held up however this product only has a little tab on the edge. You can use this tab to either run a small pipe through, in the same way that green screens with stands function or alternatively, run some rope through.

If your Twitch streaming setup allows it, you could get away with just propping up the screen against a wall behind you as the screen is fairly large and should cover the space behind your chair just fine.

Product Specification

Green Screen Dimensions:5 ft x 6.5 ft
Weight:4.6 pounds

5. Emart Photo Studio Green Screen


  • Affordable.
  • Comes with clamps.
  • Features a pre-stitched loop.


  • Doesn’t come with a stand.
  • May need a good iron after shipping.

Simple yet effective, this chroma key Green screen from Emart is one of the best green screens for the money conscious streamer. It’s considerably large in size and is packaged with four clamps, though there is no stand with this green screen, which for some is a huge compromise.

You should consider this green screen if you have enough space behind your setup, but more importantly, you’ll need a place to either clamp the fabric to or something to thread through the pre-stitched loop at the edge of the material.

Some Twitch streamers have made their own DIY green screen and use some cheap PVC piping to thread through the loops or even go as far as to make an entire stand from it. With the Emart screen, you could run a curtain pole through it provided you have a place either side to rest the pole on.

This green screen is machine washable, so it’s unlikely the material will tear even with frequent use

Product Specification

Green Screen Dimensions:10 ft x 12 ft
Green Screen Material:Muslin
Weight4.14 pounds

Green Screen Buyer’s Guide For Live Streamers

What Is A Green Screen?

Green screens are essentially a sheet of a singular block color used in unison with computer software to create a transparent background.

They come in all shapes and sizes, traditionally colored in either green or blue. This is because green is one of the most uncommon colors worn by people nor is it a shade, such as Black. You can learn more about why green screens are typically green here.

How Does A Green Screen Work?

It’s a composition technique post-production. There are two layers used, the green screen as the background and the subject (you) as the foreground. The background is then removed by identifying the background color (chroma range). It’s important to make sure you have sufficient and equally distributed lighting to illuminate your backdrop, otherwise you’ll end up with clusters of off-colored pixels in frame, which removes immersion.

For more information about lighting you can use with your green screen, check out our product review on the best ring lights for streaming – ring lights can serve a double purpose of lighting both your face and backdrop if your Twitch streaming setup allows it.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Green Screen?

Most streamers want to use a green screen so that their webcam capture doesn’t eat away at space on their broadcast. Viewers will be able to see more of the game behind the streamer rather than the background of the streamers room.

Read More: Games You Should Stream Using A Green Screen

Equally, some streamers like to have a full screen overlay of an entirely different background to their own, such as a nicely furnished apartment, something sci-fi inspired like Dr. Disrespect – generally something much nicer or more creative than their bedroom (think Tyler1’s TCS).

It also has a second hand effect of making your stream appear more professional, as somebody who would invest in a product such as a green screen likely takes streaming seriously.

Types Of Green Screen

Stand based

This is the traditional form of green screen. Stand based models have a collapsible folding metal frame to attach a separate large sheet of fabric onto.


Portable green screens don’t require a complicated stand to erect, they simply attach to the environment, it could even be as simple as a chair, which many of the portable screens are designed for.


Pop-out green screens are often smaller but more versatile. They’re not as much effort to set up, however you are limited in how you keep the screen positioned correctly as there is no metal frame to hold it up.

What To Consider When Looking For A Green Screen

Do You Need A Portable One?

If you often travel and take your streaming setup with you, you’ll want to find a green screen that’s a bit more heavy duty. You can get green screens that roll out of a winder, that way you won’t damage the often sensitive fabric the screen is made from.

Alternatively, a pop-out green screen will work just fine, and they usually come with a carrier bag to easily transport it around; most of these are designed with professional photography in mind, which requires lots of location shooting.

Others with a more static setup can opt for a simple sheet style screen which is just one spread out unit.

Am I Likely To Damage My Green Screen?

The most common form of damage to green screens are stains, creasing and tearing.

Imperfections are likely to occur if you’re disassembling the screen often or if you accidentally catch the wheel of your chair on the fabric, but most of this can be avoided if you are careful.

Wrinkles can happen if you don’t fold the fabric up properly, but if you think you’re going to have a serious problem with it, you may want to opt for a wrinkle resistant model.

How Much Do Green Screens Typically Cost?

This really depends on what size you want, but you can typically pick up a green screen starting from around $15 all the way up to $155. The more expensive products will often come with a metal stand whereas the super cheap ones are often just the green material.

How To Use A Green Screen For Streaming

The easiest way to get your green screen set up and working is to use OBS / Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS). Once you’ve got the screen erected, you’ll need to test out the lighting conditions by viewing your webcam within OBS, as well as cropping any of the non-green background out of frame.

Once you’re on OBS, head to Filters by right clicking on your webcam source. Then, head over to Chroma Key by pressing on the + at the bottom left, which will give you the option to choose a Key Color Type.

Pick either Green or Blue depending on the color of your screen, then play around with the sliders until your background is completely transparent. These settings will vary depending on your lighting conditions.

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