It’s a pleasure to write this biography, you may have picked up from the odd article by me that I am a big retro streamer fan and in particular Resident Evil of which Bawkbasoup is big name in. Along with CarcinogenSDA, I credit Bawk, real name Lucas Thompson, as one of a small bunch of people who got me interested in Twitch in the first place.

But, who is Bawkbasoup in the world of Twitch streaming and behind the screen? Let’s find out.

Streamer Biography

Bawkbasoup is a Twitch Partner who joined back in September 2013 streaming mostly Resident Evil and other games from that era such as Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider as well as the MMO World of Warcraft.

He was a big fan of popular RE streamer Carcinogen when he was relatively new and small on Twitch, this may have pushed him towards picking this niche as Carci was doing quite well at the time.

His streams have been mostly speedrunning and that is how Bawk initially made his channel grow in the early years, through repetition, practice and really throwing himself into the community he became a multi-category world record holder in several categories over multiple games.

Although the records are no longer at the top due to maturing content creation and moving away from the stresses of speedrunning he still remains one of the finest talent in that area.

Lucas’s hosting style is perhaps the best I have ever seen and certainly in the Resident Evil niche. He is a fantastic showman, very warm welcoming and really communicates with his growing community. His charisma and enthusiasm is infectious. He is just fun to watch.

On top of this, I have personally found that Bawk also dips his toe quite regularly in special events. By that I mean marathon runs, “Bawktober” which is a horror celebration every October and does take a break from his core games to try other closely related stuff.

bawkbasoup resident evil marathon

He is a likeable person at his core and quite humble. This resonates with his community and attracts new people with an interest in the games he plays to him. I personally believe that Bawk hoards followers because he is a standout content creator in a niche that isn’t that massive – a big fish in a little pond so to speak.

In 2015, Bawkbasoup committed himself to streaming and started doing it full time. At that time he had roughly 5,000 followers, in 2016 he had 12,000, 2017 28,000, 2018 he had 40,000, 2019 67,000, 2020 97,000, 2021 127,000 and as of now he has 148,000.

On the 15th of September 2021, he hit 10,000 subscriptions. This is roughly worth $20,000-$30,000 a month. In 2016, he was earning $2,000 a month according to his own brother’s article in Vice Canada. Quite the growth.

His rise in terms of followers and viewers hasn’t been meteoric but it has been extremely consistent. Take a look at this chart to see.

bawkbasoup twitch stats chart
Stats taken from Twitch Tracker

Resident Evil is his bread and butter, if we look at his all time hours spent, 4 out of the top 5 are Resident Evil games and all 4 being the original Playstation versions. Despite putting down World of Warcraft and League of Legends in his profile you won’t see it on his channel very often.

what games does bawkbasoup play

His all time record for max concurrent viewers was during the launch of Resident Evil Village where it reached 23,000. In total he has streamed 459 games across every genre you can think of.

Although some would call him a variety streamer, this isn’t strictly true. He does dip his toes in other games on occasion but as he is very focused on his brand he never strays too far from the genre which helped him grow in the first place.

His language is colourful but not to the point of vulgarity.

Bawk has a very strong community, he engages with his audience on all matter of subjects and he also takes part in communal events such as Awesome Games Done Quick and Summer Games Done Quick. Here’s him speedrunning Resident Evil 2 (2019).

So to summarise his rise on Twitch, Bawk has been a consistent and imperious content creator who dedicated himself fully to become on of the biggest streamers in his niche and looking at recent statistics, this is not slowing down any time soon.

He is an integral part of the larger community and in my view it is down to people like Bawkbasoup that Resident Evil/Survival horror streaming is still just as popular as ever for a franchise that has been around since 1996.

Bawkbasoup Streaming Stats

Bawkbasoup streams on Twitch but also uploads to YouTube. Here are his vitals.

Joined TwitchSeptember 4, 2013
Twitch Followers148,000
Twitch Subscriptions11,000
Twitch Average Viewers1,990
Twitch Total Views11,300,000

Bawkbasoup on Social Media

Bawk is relatively active on all of his social media channels. Particularly his YouTube channelOpens in a new tab.. For more insight into his life InstagramOpens in a new tab. and TwitterOpens in a new tab. are handy.

Twitter Followers16,400
Instagram Followers7,595
YouTube Subscribers133,000

Personal Biography

bawkbasoup catering

Lucas Thompson, better known as Bawkbasoup, hails from Prince Edward Island, in Canada. He was born March 20th, 1991 which makes him 31 as of 2022. He has three brothers and a disabled father who sadly suffered a stroke when Lucas was 4.

His mother has been credited as someone who cared for his father and helped Lucas with his culinary journey and supported him when he decided to go full time on Twitch. He regularly tweets his appreciation for her on Twitter.

He grew up playing SNES games such as Super Mario, Metroid, Final Fantasy VI and Earthbound. When he went to High School his gaming interests turned to World of Warcraft and League of Legends.

His brother known as Clorkworkz introduced him to Resident Evil when he was 5. His other brother Zac is a comic book writer and was the one who wrote the profile in Vice in 2016. Lucas can be seen quote regularly supporting Zac’s endeavours.

He is extremely passionate about cooking and food in general – his entire persona in fact is related to it through the chicken, chicken emotes and his user name Bawk(ba)soup which was an amalgamation of two of his WoW characters – Bawkbagawk and Picklesoup.

He learned his trade at the Culinary Institute of Canada at Holland College before moving on to work at award-winning restaurants in his native Canada.

His branding is around chickens, presumably because of his culinary career. Many of his emotes are based on others but with the chicken them added on. He refers to his community as the “soup troop”.

Although Lucas is somewhat open about his personal life, specific details are intentionally left out. He is understandably cautious when it comes to stuff like that, something which is indeed recommended for streamers to do. He never talks politics and never gets off the fence about day to day political matters.

He has made his feelings clear about the Trump administration but has never commented about Canadian politics where he resides. It is suggested that he does have opinions of course but does not push them on his viewers.

He did show some support for Black Lives Matter, he did support vaccinations and had one himself but never made comment about what feels others should do.

Lastly, he is completely and utterly dedicated to streaming and often struggles with balancing his life around it. He can be frequently apologetic for missing streams because of his personal struggles (of which he doesn’t disclose) and does appear to suffer from anxiety and depression at times.

What is Bawkbasoup’s streaming schedule?

prince edward island time zone
Credit to Time Temperature

Bawkbasoup lives on Prince Edward Island which is the Atlantic Daylight Time Zone which is GMT-3. He starts streaming between 4PM and 6PM (his time) and will last for between 7 and 9 hours. His streaming days are typically Monday to Friday.

As someone who lives in UK, I often watch his VODs as the start late and end way too late for me.

Depending on where you live, catching him live can be tricky, especially for those in Europe. Here’s a brief guide on Bawkbasoup’s streaming schedule.

His start times appear to be more catered for central and west coast of America, which makes sense.

  • If you live in the UK (GMT) then his streams would start at around 8PM and finish at around 3AM.
  • If you live on the East Coast of the US (GMT-5) then his streams would start at 2PM and finish around 10PM.
  • If you live on the West coast of the US (GMT-8) then his streams would start at 11AM and finish around 6PM.
  • If you live in central Europe (GMT+1) then his streams would start at 8PM and finish around 3AM.
  • If you live in Australia (GMT+10) then his streams would start at around 5AM and finish at 12AM.

The Carcinogen Bawkbasoup Drama

A lot of people search about the CarcinogenSDA and Bawkbasoup drama, but in all honesty the drama was almost all on Carci’s side. If you want to read more about that then head on over to our page on CarcinogenSDA as there’s more detail to be found.

Bawkbasoup FAQs

What country is Bawkbasoup from?

Lucas Thompson aka Bawkbasoup is from Prince Edward Island, in Canada.

How old is Bawkbasoup?

He is 31 as of March, 2022.

Who hates Bawkbasoup?

Bawk is a universally liked streamer on Twitch. The only person to have publicly attacked him would be CarcinogenSDA.

Does Bawkbasoup have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

bawkbasoup girlfriend

It is unclear if Bawk has a girlfriend or a boyfriend at the moment, and it is a common question people search for for some reason. There are also plenty of searches on whether or not he is gay. We don’t know why people are interested in this but what we do know is that he had a girlfriend in 2015. There were also rumours he was dating fellow streamer Runebee.
There are no details on whether or not he does now.

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