Add Links To Twitch Panels

Your twitch panels are your shop front a lot of the time by giving your visitors a chance to get to know what the stream is about without having to watch a video. It’s also a chance for streamers to show off their set up and to give links for people to find out more.

It can appear confusing at first as the user interface doesn’t make it clear, some have wondered if you need to understand HTML to put hyperlinks in. You don’t and we’re going to show you how.

How To Add Links To Your Twitch Panels

Here’s a step by step on adding links to your Twitch panels

Go to your channel’s about page

editing a panel to add links to

Go to your channel page’s about section, find the edit panels section and click on it to bring the panels editor.

Open the panel editor

Twitch panel editor

Navigate the newly opened panel editor and click on the grey box. Select a text or image panel – we’ll use this example to show you how links work in this section.

Adding links to an image panel

adding links to an image panel

Adding a link to an image panel is dead easy as there is a box there ready for you. It’s important to add links which are clean and complete, rather than redirects or links with modifiers (links with ? in them). This box also supports affiliate links if you wanted that.
You don’t have to add an image to this area, you can just have a text field if you want to – we’ll show you in the next step how this work and what Markdown means.

How to add links to Twitch panels using Markdown

how to add text links to twitch panels

If you want to add text links in a Twitch panel you’ll need to use Markdown language. The markdown code for links is easy and works in a similar way to how you’d add links into a Reddit post or a Wikipedia article.
To add a link start by putting the anchor text into square brackets [like this] then without a space add the URL (the address) of the destination into a round brackets (like this). The example above shows exactly how to do it.

That’s it! That’s all you need to do to add links to your Twitch panels. To learn more about what you can do with Markdown there’s a great guide hereOpens in a new tab..

What links are good to add into your panels?

  • Social media links – Perhaps the most important links to add are your social media profile links. These can help you build your channel community outside of Twitch itself. Some creators send their users to places such as Linktree which can house multiple links in one. Gets used a lot by streamers who also have profiles on places such as OnlyFans.
  • Donation links – Donations can often earn content creators more than subscriptions and bits. Most content creators will have created profiles on places such as PayPal, CashApp, Patreon, Justgiving and so on and Twitch panels are a great place to place links to them.
  • Affiliate links – Gaming streamers often share their set up with affiliate links pointed towards them which can earn commission via purchases made through them.

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