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Learn how to grow your stream

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link to FF7 No Slots

FF7 No Slots

Final Fantasy VII is among the most famous games of all time, originally released in 1997 as the first Final Fantasy game on a Playstation and disc. FF7 is also one of the most popular games to speed...

link to GDQ Ban List

GDQ Ban List

Here's a list of the most well known bans to have taken place during or ahead of a GDQ speed running event. More detailed explanations for each are below this list. Patty - 2021 - Historical...

link to MonkaW Meaning

MonkaW Meaning

MonkaW is an alternative version of MonkaS and a part of the Pepe line of emotes, popular on Twitch and elsewhere. MonkaW's meaning is to convey serious worry, stress or panic. The 'W' following...